May 18th, 2012

GFX Generators – You can now choose the font and palette in certain screenstyles that allow user-input text. Not only does this add more palettes to the SFA3 font used in the old version, but it also adds 16 fonts of different sizes and a few have extra palettes as well. Not all of those fonts were complete and I filled in the gaps of missing symbols for a few fonts.

Updated styles: “Avatar 100×100” and “384×224 scenes + text” in the GroupShot generator now have selectable font options, including font palettes. Some of the Avatar 100×100 frames will adjust the text to be in a better or more accurate position. The Mega Man 1 boss square frame will put the font where it’d be in the real game and the Genesis box places the text closer to where a game logo would be. The “Boxes, Flyer & Posters 160×192” now has an X-Box 360 style frame.
New characters:The Beast (with portraits, mini-logo and X-Men Vs. screen name tag)
Updated characters: Anakaris (new sprite & palette), Felicia (new sprites), Iceman (more sprites), Lord Raptor/Zabel (new sprite), Marian (old 2002 KoF-style edit added), Strider Hiryu (added sprites & palettes), Sentinel (improved Mango Sentinel palette). The IREM character section was temporarily removed and Thomas/Vigilante was moved to the “Other Games” list (but he got the Vigilante and Japanese Spartan-X mini-logos for his trouble). All of the original Darkstalkers now have their vs. portraits from the first game.

Custom Sprites – There is a brand-new gallery thanks to custom sprite donations from DNL. Check out his gallery, then visit his deviantART page to find even more work.

Mini-Logos – Spartan-X added to IREM section. Streets of Rage (title screen style) added to Sega section. Double Dragon (arcade title screen style) added to Technos.

Game Index – Final Fight 2 (SNES) added.

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