May 11th, 2012

I’m working on a new feature for the generators that will be in the next site update (which isn’t now, BTW).

The original game font functions worked and the system was set up for multiple fonts, but it wasn’t flexible. Adding this forced me to clear out the clusterfudge I’d made of the old font system. It’s ridiculously plain right now as you only choose the font and palette through descriptions in a pulldown list with no previews of them. Still, it works and will hopefully make the font-using generators more fun.

Here’s a list of the fonts I have finished so far: Street Fighter Alpha 3 8×16 and 16×16 fonts, Streets of Rage 3’s 8×8 and 16×16 fonts, Final Fight’s 8×8 font, Pac-Mania’s 8×8 font (basically the classic Namco 8×8 font with lowercase letters and more characters), River City Ransom’s 8×8 font and Marvel vs. Capcom’s 32×32 font (seen above). Are there any other in-game fonts you’d like to see? Please leave a reply if there are and I’ll see if I can get it in there.

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