May 5th, 2012

I know that I had an update on Thursday, but I figured I’d add a few more things.

GFX Generators What’s new in addition to yesterday’s update.

Updated Characters: Yellowjacket sprite and Goliath mini-logo added to Ant-Man/Giant-Man character, Captain America (MSH GEM use pose), Hawkeye (new sprite edit), Hulk (new palettes, including Red Hulk), Iron Man (PROTON CANNON!!!). The Erik Josten version of Goliath (before he became Atlus) was added to the Other Villains character slot.

Custom Sprites: One new Yellowjacket (Pym) sprite, one new Hawkeye pose & improvements on Loki.

Mini-Logos: Goliath, Loki, Mandarin and Wasp. Those logos were added to their GFX Generator characters, too.

If this is the first update you’ve seen this week, check out this previous post to see the much bigger update with new things in it.

I hope you enjoyed these Avengers Week updates. I pretty much ran out of steam after my sinuses decided to explode on Thursday night, so I wasn’t able to make everything I planned to make. Have a good weekend!

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