Mini-logos – Knights of the Round added to Capcom. Rush ‘n Attack (arcade/NES) added to Konami. Pac-Land added to Namco. Alien Syndrome added to Sega. Cyclops and Marvel Girl (original logos), Giant-Man added to Marvel. Harley Quinn added to DC.

These mini-logos were also added to the GFX Generators in the logical places.

Game Logos – Alien Syndrome, Blade Master, Knights of the Round (without the stone and sword), Rush ‘n Attack (arcade), ThunderJaws, Tiger Road, Time Soldiers added.

Game Index – Besides some coding changes, The King of Dragons (arcade) was added.

Custom Sprites – DNL added new sprites to his gallery. Check it out and be sure to browse his gallery on deviantART.

Sprites – There’s a new King of Dragons gallery with just the Player Select and ending sprites I added a few things to the Capcom World 2 gallery along with fixing that messed-up E. Honda portrait.

I’ve spent most of my time fixing errors and making small changes to the site. Either search engines or people had been linking to discontinued sprite gallery pages that were still on the site until I made a clean re-installation of everything. I added some links to the 404 page that will drive people to the gallery index pages. I’m still converting old galleries to the new style, so I apologize for the hiccups you might encounter there.

I’ll be taking a pause from updates during June. My brain is still a bit fried site overhauls, re-uploading and clearing the sites after getting hacked along with all the new material just to let you know that the site didn’t get killed off. I also need to get to work on some important artwork, the next Illmosis network site (which I was working on in March until the hacking happened). Luckily, July is the ScrollBoss site’s birthday month, so I’ll be secretly working on stuff for that. Teasers, previews and news will still appear in the site’s news feed here and the Tumblr.