The site will be going on a short pause for a while, but this update is here to give you a taste of what you’ll be seeing this year.

More games and game series will get their own custom sprite gallery pages, like Streets of Rage did in this update. Axel, Blaze, Max and Electra have new sprites to kick off that new gallery page. Meanwhile, Kung-Fu Master’s Thomas’ new scratch-made sprite and Jose from Ninja Baseball Bat Man hit the IREM gallery. I doubt that I’ll be able to have ALL the old sprite edits replaced with scratch-made work this year, but I plan to come close to it. These things, along with two IREM-related minilogos, have been added to the GFX Generators.

I have a lot of things to work on during the site pause. I have a commission assignment I’ve been working on, a new version of the GFX Generators (see this Tumblr post for details), and more things like this:

I plan to finally knock the dust off of the ScrollBoss YouTube channel this year and part of my January has been spent working on material.

Zweifuss, sprite ripper and creator of that massive Street Fighter III: Third Strike site, needs help renewing the site for another year. Please donate to the cause if you can, especially if the site has helped you. Any SFIII stuff you see on my site, including sprite edits that started as SFIII sprites, come from his rips

Shout out to Jessica for the feedback and for the link help!
(edit: links deactivated, don’t seem to be what they used to be anymore)

I’ll still be active on Tumblr and Twitter, posting stuff like this:

To quote Guru, “Peace out. We’ll be back. Stay tuned.”

edit: I was going to save this clip until later, but, as ol’ Jack Burton says, what the hell…

Halloween is here and there’s a bonus surprise in the Halloween DangerTerrorHorrorThon wrap-up! Let’s see all the new things that appeared this week…

Custom Sprites:
Capcom: Zombie (Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts versions)
Castlevania: Simon Belmont (new CV1 NES stance from last year’s Trevor sprite & improved taunt), Grant Danasty, Carmilla (Rondo of Blood)
– – Konami: Silent Hill Nurse
Namco: Biggy Man (Splatterhouse)
Nintendo: Medusa (classic, big)
Wayforward: Rottytops
Games (other): Julie and Zeke (Zombies Ate My Neighbors), the Pumpkin boss from Monster Party.
DC Comics: Solomon Grundy (uploaded on a Monday)
Movies: Tarman (Return of the Living Dead), Chucky, Michael Myers/The Shape, Ghostface (Scream), Leatherface
NES-like 32×16 and 32×3: Altered Beast werewolf

Capcom: Ghosts ‘n Goblins
Konami: Silent Hill (movie)
LucasArts: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Movies: Chucky, Leatherface, Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (thanks to Christopher B. for the Atari 2600 idea)

All fighting size custom sprites and mini-logos have been added to the GFX Generators so you can use them to make your own spooky fake screenshots and pixel graphics!

Don’t forget that I still have that Horror legend vs. screen print in the ScrollBoss Shop for $6 + S&H!

BTW: The Chucky sprite and his portrait in that print come from the same linework, but at different sizes.

I was a bit cryptic in Friday’s update on whether the theme was over. Well, I had one more sprite to make. Ladies, gentlemen and screwheads, meet Ash Williams.

Be sure to check out VGJunk’s Halloween Spooktacular reviews, including today’s review of Capcom’s Vampire Savior! You’ll find a lot of far more obscure games lurking in his Halloween tag, so roll through it to find new picks for your own Halloween game list.

JustinGameDesign made a fun group of 8-bit sprites for the spooky season, with characters from a wide array of sources. He even put them into a nice deviantART gallery so you can see them all in the same spot!

NOW I’m done with the Halloween updates. Happy Halloween!

The DangerTerrorHorrorThon ends with something created by devious minds long ago to end as many lives as possible. That’s right, I’m talking about Boss Rush Mode. Let the slaughter begin!

Custom Sprites:
Castlevania: Carmilla (Rondo of Blood)
Namco: Biggy Man
Nintendo: Medusa (classic, big)
Sega: Zamza (Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle)
Games (other): the Pumpkin boss from Monster Party. Please don’t pick on him.

Konami: Silent Hill (movie)
LucasArts: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Movies: Chucky, Leatherface, Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

As usual, all new items have been added to the GFX Generators so you can use them to make your own fake screenshots. Also, Leatherface was updated with an Atari 2600 palette, thanks to a suggestion from Christopher B. Thanks!

Well, that’s all for this Halloween’s DangerTerrorHorrorThon!

… or is it?

Today marks 15 years of this site’s existence on the outskirts of the internet! Most of today’s update centers on sprites that I wanted to redo from scratch, but there’s also a new ScrollBoss character (you’ll see more from her in future updates) and sprites based on the games of late, great Iwata-san.

Custom Sprites
HAL Laboratory: Lolo and Lala (Eggerland series) kick off the new gallery.
Nintendo: Balloon Fighter added.
Sega: a new scratch-made Shiva (Streets of Rage series) sprite added.
DC: Green Lantern Hal Jordan
G.I.JOE: the Baroness
Illmosis Network: The new gallery starts with “V” but my other characters will be added later.

Nintendo: Balloon Fight

All of those sprites were added to the GFX Generators

I’m still a bit worn out from the past few weeks and the yesterday’s great convention, so I couldn’t write the big, detailed “Thank You” post that I wanted to make yet, but will get that together this week. For now, I’d just like to thank everyone who visits the site. You’re one of the biggest factors that kept me going through that whole time. ScrollBoss has been here since the days when these older games were looked down upon by a lot of people and I’ve tried to let this place be a lighthouse for anyone looking for place to appreciate older action games and pixel art. I still have a lot of new things on the way for this site, so I hope you keep visiting every once in a while!

I planned to have a bigger update than this, but, well, I’ll get into that later. For now, here’s the newness:

New sprites of Adam Hunter (from Sega’s Streets of Rage, Vixen (DC Comics) and Monica Rambeau in her Captain Marvel uniform (Marvel Comics) have been added to the Sega, DC and Marvel galleries. Ms. Rambeau’s Captain Marvel logo being added to the mini-logos gallery. All three characters are in the GFX Generators where Vixen also has 3 more palettes.

The All AmeriCon convention hits Warren, Ohio again on July 18th (one day before this site’s 15th Anniversary) and I’ll be getting a table there to sell scribbles. Get info about it by checking out the Facebook page for the event. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a few people I know from the internet will roll through, but I’ll announce that once it’s ready.

My plan is to get some pixel art things to sell alongside my usual scribbles and, possible, a mini-art book. To do that, I really do have to detach a bit from this site to work on those things and it needs to start not now, but right now. This site will still be updated at least once a month until the anniversary in July, though it won’t be as much as the crazy deluge of pixels I’ve been dropping on you for the past few months. Clean up work on the generators will continue to make way for crazy new features and a few things on the site will be fixed up. Some of the things I’m working on will also be sold through this site, because I want to make a game-related mini-book, too.

BTW: I had line work for one more sprite, but I might just save her for May. You’ll know why if you know who she is.

… you’ve got a brand new key. This update title made more sense before I turned it into Lanternpalooza but I was too lazy to come up with another name.

GFX Generators

New characters: Skate (Streets of Rage), Guy Gardner, Green Lantern Corps (Arisa, Kilowog, Medphyl, Tomar-Re/Tomar-Tu)
Updated characters: GL Hal Jordan and John Stewart (sprites added)

Custom Sprites:
Sega – ‘Skate’ Hunter (scratch-made)
DC Comics – Tomar-Re/Tomar-Tu and Medpyhl have new sprites based on a new sprite template pose I made. Kilowog, John Stewart and Arisia sprite edits added. Some of the separate Wonder Woman sprites from the old version of the gallery have now returned.

Custom Sprite Downloads: Laslunder has made a GIGANTIC update to his pack of edited Cody base sprites. Huge, I’m telling you!

The Skate sprite was done now because someone made a request. I usually don’t sprite requests but this was a special case.

The Skate sprite was added to my Illmosis site earlier this week. There’s even a work progress animation on it’s gallery page. Check that out with this link.

Now check out Wizzy’s original theme for Max Thunder with a sprite by Armentis!

PSN Sale reminder: Bionic Commando: Rearmed for PS3 is on sale for $4.99 and the sequel is on sale for $9.99. I fully recommend checking out the first one but I haven’t played the second. Also, The second has that unfortunate DRM that won’t let you play the game if you aren’t hooked up to the internet. Buying Final Fight: Double Impact right before the Playstation Network went down which meant I barely had a chance to play it. The first Rearmed game doesn’t have it so go get it now!

I’m still getting ready for the All-Americon comic convention in May so the updates are still light and random. I’m also taking this chance to do some clean up work on a few things at random like getting the weblog to look more like the site.

Custom Sprites – X-23 sprite edit added to the Marvel page. Also: credits now link to the company page when a company is listed and will also link to individual people once I get the creator profiles started.

Sprites – Comic Book spites hub, Ninja Gaiden pages updated and redone. Violent Storm updated with new sprites including some animated fighting stances.

Logos – Dark Adventure, Express Raider, Rolling Thunder

Mini Logos – New logos added to the following sections:
– DC Comics: Poison Ivy
– Capcom: Roxy, Poison
– Marvel: Mystique
– Namco: Rolling Thunder, Wonder Momo
– Sega: Alien Storm, Shinobi (arcade), Streets of Rage (red, blue, white cover style)

Graphic Generators – X-23 (no logo yet) added to the Marvel section. Joe Musashi gets updated with another sprite and other mini logos. Poison/Roxy updated with new logos.

Rinry (of RinryGameGame fame) posted a video review of the Retro Duo system that lets you play most NES and SNES carts. This answered many of the questions I wondered about including the sound, an issue with many current retro systems. Check it out:

I’ll mention the All-Americon comic convention in Warren, Ohio on May 15th that I’ll have a table for. I’ll be selling art prints and hanging out with other scribblers and comic fans. A lot of really cool artists came to the last one and most of them seem to be coming back for part two. It only costs $2 to get in so stop in if you can! I’ll be handing out copies of last year’s Illmosis Party Flyer (with a special appearance by Endless Duck from that Silver Surfer picture) to give out even if you don’t buy anything.

Two new galleries have been added to the Custom Sprites section and both are showcases for two excellent pixel technicians: Kiwi and C4ncel. You’ve probably seen Kiwi’s god-tier work before and his gallery here is long overdue. Have you ever seen the Cat’s Lair MUGEN stage that recreates the classic ThunderCats’ headquarters? He did the glorious pixel work on that. The gallery is just a tiny sample of his skills and you can see much, much more at his deviantART page. The second gallery belongs to C4ncel and his excellent SNK/King of Fighters style edits. You’ll see characters from classics like Castlevania and Final Fight to newer games like God Hand, No More Heroes, and Borderlands. C4ncel has a website called C4ncelCove that has more of his work with more creations on the way. Be sure to send them a message if you like their work!

Breakin’ News

Final Fight: Double Impact (Final Fight + Magic Sword with online play and other stuff) is on sale for $4.99 on Playstation Network! This would’ve been the first DLC game I bought for my PS3 if it weren’t for the fact that it MUST be connected to the internet to play. That’s an issue for me because I have one internet line with no router so I have to switch between the internet and PS3. I know it’s DRM to keep the “code sharers” at bay but it also kept me from buying it until it was on sale since I usually won’t be able to play it.

The first Moon Diver DLC content pack is out and only costs $1! It includes Silence, the former ally that may have been controlled by Faust to fight the rest of the team, returns to the flock to whoop all kinds of buttock. His stats are so insane that I cleared the game in one sitting. You also get a special Score Attack Mode that challenges you to kill as many enemies as possible in an auto-scrolling stage. It’s fun and it’s only a buck. Those who bought it and are having trouble with it may want to get this pack to burn through the game with Silence.

The whole thing came and went between updates here but I still want to congratulate Bomber Games for the excellent Streets of Rage Remake v.5 release. I hope something can be worked out so that it can be hosted on your site again.

Wizzy has been busy with the music and he’s put up tracks for the likes of Batman (hi-tech sound + heroic theme + foreboding moments = excellence), Thanos (powerful and epic) and some music for good ol’ Radd Spencer. He dropped two of them including this one along with the following that has an excellent sprite by Steamboy13. Enjoy the music!

Updates will continue to be small while I work on a bunch of stuff including a mini-comic/artbook for a comic convention in May. It’s something that I wanted to do last year but didn’t finish.

S-Files – I’m still making minor adjustments to the engine. The default index page groups characters by the first letter in their filename. One problem is trying to get a sprite background that will keep sprites from blending in with it. There has been a slight change to how the main picture is displayed so please let me know if there are any errors with it bugging out. I finally made a crude “profile maker” to help make and modify profiles for reasons I’ll explain in the lab.
New: Blood, Boomer, Hawk, Kate, Sledge from Crime Fighters 2/Vendetta. Norton and Bild from the Rushing Beat series.
Updated: Mike Haggar, Rolento

GFX Generators

New GroupShot styles: the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 “character ring” with two solo variations and one where you can fit three characters.
Characters added: Cable, Marrow, Nakoruru (SNK), Zero (Capcom),
Palettes updated: Chun-Li, Felicia, Rogue (Green/White from MvsC2), Ryu
Other updates: Apocalypse (X-Men: CotA name graphic), Black Widow (logo), Jill (MvsC3 outfit sprite edit), She-Hulk (logos), SoR’s Shiva (custom mini logo), Storm (logo)

Custom Sprites – Zero added to the Capcom page

Mini Logos – Alien Busters & Alien Burgers (from Sega’s Alien Storm), Black Widow (Marvel), Growl, Marrow (X-Men 72 cover), Nakoruru (SNK), Shiva (Sega), Storm, Zero (Capcom).

Logos – added My Hero, Tower of Druaga, Warrior Blade – Rastan III, Wonder Momo.

Moon Diver (official site here), the new 2.5-D platforming action game from Square-Enix hits Playstation Network this week and will debut on X-Box Live at a later date. Just in case you haven’t heard, the game is directed by Kouichi “Shiina” Yotsui (a.k.a. Isuke), the director of Strider (arcade) and Cannon Dancer (a.k.a. Osman). You can definitely see his influence all over this trailer.

Definitely looks like crazy fun to me. I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced and I’m impatiently waiting for the Playstation Store to update so I can finally play it. There will be a separate post about the game once I’ve played the game.

Update: Just bought and played the first stage of Moon Diver. EXCELLENT. You’ll love this if you love Strider. Also up for sale now is Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot, the revival of Konami’s Rush’n Attack/Green Beret franchise.

You’ve probably seen this link a lot lately but the areas that were hit are still suffering many hardships. I know that times are tight for many of us in the U.S. (take it from a chronically-broke guy like me) but please think of kicking in a few spare dollars when you have the chance. Every little bit helps.
Google: Resources related to the 2011 Japan Crisis

Here is a quick update with a cool sprite donation and some news.

Sprite Rips – Makron’s giant pack of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (arcade) sprites has been updated. This pack includes things that don’t even appear when you play the game so it’s worth the download if you plan to make a fan game or are just a fan of the Sailor Scouts.

Game Index – Streets of Rage 3 was added. Minor adjustments were made to the Sega company page. One minor goal I have for early 2011 is to have Game Index pages for certain series that I really like (Final Fight, SoR, Golden Axe) and those that don’t get much attention on English-speaking sites (Rushing Beat, Crime Fighters) before I start the Series Index (a new version of the old Saga section) later in the year. I’ll try to get at add at least one game to the index in every mini-update.

Breakin’ News

Item 1: Bionic Commando: Re-Armed is on sale for only $4.99 on Playstation Network. I gladly paid that much at K-Mart for my replacement copy of the NES cart over ten years ago so I’d say that getting an incredibly solid remake on a current-gen system is a steal. It’s more than a remake… it’s an adventure. If you’re even thinking about getting it, just get it now.

It was also announced that Hudson’s Turbografx-16 games will finally start hitting North American Playstation store. Check out the Destructoid story right here. New Adventure Island, Bonk’s Adventure and Bomberman ’94 will be in the first batch. It’s good to see some more old-school games hitting the network.

Item 2: Just in case you haven’t heard the good news…

… Mike Haggar is back.

Item 3: I just found out about the following man thanks to the creative double-threat known as Dynamowolf. I’m only learning about him now because I’m a shut-in even on the internet. Most of you will know his work already:

YouTube: WizzyWhipitWonderful

Yes, that’s a remix in the glorious style of a mid-90’s CPS-2 arcade game and it’s the work of Wizzy. He’s back on YouTube with new material that’s specifically designed to give eargasms to anyone who misses that raw sound you miss from X-Men:CotA and Marvel Super Heroes before Capcom’s BGM’s started getting all lounge-jazzy on us. Nothing against that but it doesn’t mix with fighting for most of us. He has a ton of work posted already so go through the catalog to hear some great remixes of various Capcom tracks including a few surprises. Be sure to subscribe and drop a note to let him know that you like what he’s layin’ down.

That’s enough for today. Have a good weekend!