… you’ve got a brand new key. This update title made more sense before I turned it into Lanternpalooza but I was too lazy to come up with another name.

GFX Generators

New characters: Skate (Streets of Rage), Guy Gardner, Green Lantern Corps (Arisa, Kilowog, Medphyl, Tomar-Re/Tomar-Tu)
Updated characters: GL Hal Jordan and John Stewart (sprites added)

Custom Sprites:
Sega – ‘Skate’ Hunter (scratch-made)
DC Comics – Tomar-Re/Tomar-Tu and Medpyhl have new sprites based on a new sprite template pose I made. Kilowog, John Stewart and Arisia sprite edits added. Some of the separate Wonder Woman sprites from the old version of the gallery have now returned.

Custom Sprite Downloads: Laslunder has made a GIGANTIC update to his pack of edited Cody base sprites. Huge, I’m telling you!

The Skate sprite was done now because someone made a request. I usually don’t sprite requests but this was a special case.

The Skate sprite was added to my Illmosis site earlier this week. There’s even a work progress animation on it’s gallery page. Check that out with this link.

Now check out Wizzy’s original theme for Max Thunder with a sprite by Armentis!

PSN Sale reminder: Bionic Commando: Rearmed for PS3 is on sale for $4.99 and the sequel is on sale for $9.99. I fully recommend checking out the first one but I haven’t played the second. Also, The second has that unfortunate DRM that won’t let you play the game if you aren’t hooked up to the internet. Buying Final Fight: Double Impact right before the Playstation Network went down which meant I barely had a chance to play it. The first Rearmed game doesn’t have it so go get it now!