July 21st, 2016

You’re just in time to witness pure, unadulterated evil in pixel form!

Custom Sprites:
Golden Axe: Longmoan
IREM: Giant (Kung-Fu Master)
Rare: the Dark Queen
Streets of Rage: Mr. X (all-new, sprited from scratch) and Nora

All these sprites were added to the GFX Generators (the old GroupShot and Vs generators).

You know, I’m still waiting for that Sonic sprite from Tuesday’s update to show up. Maybe he’ll be in tomorrow’s wrap-up post…

2 Responses to “ScrollBoss 16th Anniversary, pt. 3”

  1. Very glad to see updates
    In particular, they see old friends
    (Longmoan / Mr. X / Nora)
    People feel the delicate and enhance
    It has been like in the appreciation of art
    Really good news

  2. I really wanted to pay tribute to those great Sega character designs. They made so many great villains and I’d love to see them return.