July 22nd, 2016

We’ve had some fun during these anniversary updates, but it’s time to wrap it up, B!

Custom Sprites:
Capcom: Protoman (with variant)
Golden Axe: Longmoan
IREM: Giant (Kung-Fu Master)
Konami: Sledge (Vendetta/Crime Fighters 2)
– – Castlevania: Trevor Belmont, Sypha (SotN Cape up variant of the earlier sprite)
IREM: Straw from Ninja Baseball Bat Man
Sega: Sonic the Hedgehog, who decided to take off right as I took the pt.1 picture and that other sprite of his hasn’t shown up yet.

Streets of Rage: Mr. X (all-new, sprited from scratch) and Nora
Taito: Sayo-chan (a.k.a. Pocky) from Kiki Kai Kai, Zeke from Zoo Keeper (both in-game and cabinet art styles)
Rare: the Dark Queen
DC Comics: Black Canary (an early version was seen in the site promo videos)
Marvel Comics: a new Wasp sprite. Don’t worry, I’ll make more outfits for her later!
TMNT: Shredder (same pose as the 2013 sprite, but redrawn & resprited to look much better)
G.I.JOE: Snake-Eyes and Scarlett. BTW: an early version of Scarlett’s sprite was in the unannounced new banner displayed only on July 4th this year.

All those sprites were added to the GFX Generators (the old GroupShot and Vs generators).

that Chun-Li pic I drew last month is now in the prints section of the site’s Shop page!

Well, I’m done waiting for Sonic, so now it’s to debut the brand-new mission statement video!

(edit: earlier version had a botched pixel ratio this is the fixed version)

… Hey, there’s the other Sonic sprite! It’s in the gallery and GFX Generator, too!

I hope you had fun with these updates!

2 Responses to “16th Anniversary Wrap-up”

  1. Great retro game collection
    Glad to see you Creation
    They remind me of my childhood
    Period of good days
    Thank you

  2. Thank you and I’m glad these brought back good memories, SKB!