G.I.JOE: Low-Light v.1, Red Ninja added. Redrew Grunt from scratch and made a Footloose based on the base sprite. BTW: this FINALLY replaces all my ancient Capcom edits in G.I.JOE gallery (but they’re still there to see in a sub-gallery.
M.A.S.K.: Vanessa Warfield (masked and unmasked) added to the new separate gallery
Street Fighter: scratch-made G.I.JOE versions of Blanka and Ryu
Toys and Cartoons:Skull (Super Naturals) and… Barbie? Yes, Barbie. That lady’s everywhere.
Marvel Comics: Secret Wars Mattel Magneto
Illmosis: My Christmas mascot (and toy store owner) Hilde Santessa

portraits: Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Snake-Eyes and Cobra Commander

Mini-logos: Barbie and Super Naturals
ToyBoss: group shot of Golden Axe (Storm Collectibles), Super Mario (Jakks) (only five figures, just got Luigi, Peach, and a 2nd Mario in a 3-pack).

GFX Generators: All new custom sprites were also added to the generators. Still finding and fixing things from the PHP upgrade (that’ll be going on a looong time). Also added:
– the Toy Aisle background got a big update, with more variations to figures (all wave 1 Super Powers figures carded) and many more boxes (especially the Transformers section). Some weird issue is keeping a thumbnail of the new version of showing up on the background selection screen on my hard drive’s copy of the site.

Finally, the toys get their own video this year. Check it out here or on the ScrollBoss YouTube Channel!

Thank you for stopping by! Whatever it is you’re celebrating or not celebrating, I hope you have a good weekend

The first update of 2022 is here!

Magic Sword: new scratch-made sprite of Alan/the Brave One (player one)
Tomb Raider: new v.1 Lara Croft sprite
Shantae:new Shantae sprite
Sonic the Hedgehog: Amy Rose (classic)
Illmosis: new Nutroll taunt sprite and improved fight stance sprite and the first Beans vs. Cornbread character sprite: Al1mighty Grandmaster Wizard!
Marvel Comics: the Vision (arms folded, white rebooted design)
DC Comics: Fire/Green Flame sprite

all new customs sprites added to Image Generators.

Also, a quick little video showing of the new sprites (including a few with eye blink animations), a display of all the X-Men sprites I’ve done so far, and a little bit more of something I’ve been posting teasers of since last year.

Beating River City Ransom: Underground this week kept me in the mood for spriting more characters in the original NES game’s style. I’m still trying to find a balance between sticking in that original game’s look and trying more unique things like RCR:U did. Today’s batch features do-overs for sprites I’d edited from RCR sprites years ago (the Lee Bros. and some Street Fighter stalwarts), other teenage characters (including five with attitude), a few clownish characters (including my own character, Nutroll) and one man who will pity these fools.

also, one character that I thought I’d done for the Megaman NES style finally gets his turn:

You can now have such a thing as Thunderball Fists!

They’ve been added to the River City Ransom custom sprite page and, of course, the Fake Screenshot generator.

Custom Sprites
Nintendo – Samus Aran, Donkey Kong Jr. and the Ice Climbers
Data East – Karnov (new pose in his original look)
Illmosis – Nutroll (new fight stance sprite)

Data East: Trio the Punch
Nintendo: Ice Climbers

The new sprites and logos have been added to the new fighter scale GFX Generator. That generator also got the gold 16×16 font from Fighter’s History Dynamite/Karnov’s Revenge and the “Mego WGSH 176×192” got a new set of Data East portrait bubbles!

As a celebrator of Karnovember, it’s my duty to send you a link to the Karnovember Tumblr tag, because that’s where I first heard about it. I’ll be doing my part to add content to that tag soon.

recent stuff elsewhere:
Gaming Hell just added a page about Namco’s Numan Athletics and Mach Breakers, their super-powered sports games. There’s some really cool info in there, including a few things to prove that the games are linked!

Shadi dipped into the legendary Taito vault by adding shrines for Bubble Bobble, Puzzle Bobble and Kuri Kinton to Arcade Quartermaster

There’s a reason why I managed to build an update so random that I couldn’t come up with a cohesive, goofy news post title. The plan was to drop a mini-update last Friday with Samus, the Ice Climbers and DK Jr. and build up to a full Karnovember update and an update with Illmosis characters (with Nutroll). That was until I was worn out by extra work at my day job, something that was going on for a while but really kicked into high gear last week. Combined with some sinus-related fun, I feel like I’ve been dropkicked down an elevator shaft and that includes pains in my drawing and spriting hand. Honestly, I probably need to rest for a little bit anyway, but this makes it obvious. I’ll be back in effect mode by early December, if not sooner. As Guru once said, “Peace out, we’ll be back, stay tuned.”

DangerTerrorHorrorThon 2016 pt. 6 – the Final Chapter!

Custom Sprites
Other Games: Bayonetta
Data East: Zombie from Night Slashers
TecmoPumpkin Head (Ninja Gaiden)
Movies: The Shape/Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, Jill Franco
Illmosis: Hazelle (my witchy Halloween mascot returns from limbo!)

Movies: Blade
Movies: Bayonetta

All new sprites and mini-logos have been added to the GFX Generator, where you can make your own screens and graphics. Blade (and the 144×160 I made from scratch) are also in the separate Darkstalker 3 and Marvel Super Heroes vs screen makers

That’s all (more like “that’s enough”) for the DangerTerrorHorrorThon for this year. Happy Halloween!

previous parts of the DTHT: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

First, let’s wrap up November’s business.

I planned to make a bunch of sprites based on my own characters to celebrate the main Illmosis site’s anniversary month, but a lot of things got in the way. The biggest is that I wanted to redesign many of the characters I was going to sprite. Two of those characters made it through, though: Exponent and Hostyle. Along with a new sprite of Nutroll, they kick off the long overdue Illmosis character section in the Illmosis gallery. You’ll also see a lot of sprites that were only on the Illmosis site until now. The out-of-scale Endless Duck sprite from 2011 was finally added to the ScrollBoss section, too.

I’ve also made a new SFA3 portrait for Karnov to replace the old E.Honda-edited version to rep Karnovember a bit more.

Finally, the prints in the shop are on sale until this Sunday, November 6th. 8×10 and 8×11 prints are $4.50 each while the 11 x 17 prints $8.50 each. Anyone looking for a wider variety of prints should check the Illmosis site print page, because it goes beyond the video game theme of this site.

Cyber Week will continue with… actual cyborgs? Word! BUT WHO? Even more mysteriously, which characters will segue into another round of themed updates later this month? No one really cares, but stay tuned anyway!

Tiny update!

I made a semi-quick sprite of Princess Python over the weekend and then made a sprite of the Ice Cream Man (one of my characters) to post on Illmosis. Both have been added to the GFX Generators. The Princess was added to the Marvel gallery and ICM was added to the Illmosis section on my sprite page.

Remember that second “old-school update” I promised? It’s going down later this month. Both expected and unexpected scratch-made sprites (and more) based on pre-1986 games will hit the site. This month seems a bit more fitting since Wreck-It Ralph just made its debut and many of the characters I planned to have in the update turned out to be in the movie. That era has been mostly neglected here, but this coming update will change that quite a bit.