January 21st, 2022

The first update of 2022 is here!

Magic Sword: new scratch-made sprite of Alan/the Brave One (player one)
Tomb Raider: new v.1 Lara Croft sprite
Shantae:new Shantae sprite
Sonic the Hedgehog: Amy Rose (classic)
Illmosis: new Nutroll taunt sprite and improved fight stance sprite and the first Beans vs. Cornbread character sprite: Al1mighty Grandmaster Wizard!
Marvel Comics: the Vision (arms folded, white rebooted design)
DC Comics: Fire/Green Flame sprite

all new customs sprites added to Image Generators.

Also, a quick little video showing of the new sprites (including a few with eye blink animations), a display of all the X-Men sprites I’ve done so far, and a little bit more of something I’ve been posting teasers of since last year.

2 Responses to “2022 begins!”

  1. What a great kickoff to 2022!

    The standout sprite for me is definitely that Grandmaster Wizard. And he’s an OC too, so extra credit for that!!

    I’ve always preferred this look for Amy Rose, over her later one. It just looks and feels more Sonic-like.

  2. Thank you!
    AGW is one of my favorite characters from the project, and he pops up early on in the story mode. His origin story is nuts because it’s almost three origin stories in one.
    I honestly like this design better, too. Not that I hate the later designs, but I just prefer the vibe of the classic designs.