December 22nd, 2023

G.I.JOE: Low-Light v.1, Red Ninja added. Redrew Grunt from scratch and made a Footloose based on the base sprite. BTW: this FINALLY replaces all my ancient Capcom edits in G.I.JOE gallery (but they’re still there to see in a sub-gallery.
M.A.S.K.: Vanessa Warfield (masked and unmasked) added to the new separate gallery
Street Fighter: scratch-made G.I.JOE versions of Blanka and Ryu
Toys and Cartoons:Skull (Super Naturals) and… Barbie? Yes, Barbie. That lady’s everywhere.
Marvel Comics: Secret Wars Mattel Magneto
Illmosis: My Christmas mascot (and toy store owner) Hilde Santessa

portraits: Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Snake-Eyes and Cobra Commander

Mini-logos: Barbie and Super Naturals
ToyBoss: group shot of Golden Axe (Storm Collectibles), Super Mario (Jakks) (only five figures, just got Luigi, Peach, and a 2nd Mario in a 3-pack).

GFX Generators: All new custom sprites were also added to the generators. Still finding and fixing things from the PHP upgrade (that’ll be going on a looong time). Also added:
– the Toy Aisle background got a big update, with more variations to figures (all wave 1 Super Powers figures carded) and many more boxes (especially the Transformers section). Some weird issue is keeping a thumbnail of the new version of showing up on the background selection screen on my hard drive’s copy of the site.

Finally, the toys get their own video this year. Check it out here or on the ScrollBoss YouTube Channel!

Thank you for stopping by! Whatever it is you’re celebrating or not celebrating, I hope you have a good weekend

4 Responses to “Toy Haul 2023”

  1. Slice-Ryu!!! I still feel that Hasbro chose an inappropriate body cast, but the head sculpt they used doesn’t even look like Ryu. That’s something you’ve remedied here, so thankyou for that.

    Hope you have a happy holiday and may 2024 be a good and sweet new year!

  2. Sorry for the lateness, thought I replied to this! Yeah, the likeness wasn’t there, it was mostly SFII characters in a G.I.JOE style. Ryu really had back luck for a while, because his more accurate G.I.JOE-style figure in the movie line never got released and a lot of lines just botched his face horribly. It took decades for Hasbro to redeem themselves for not putting out the better figure with that MvC:I 4-inch two-pack with Black Widow.

    Hope your holidays were happy!

  3. Vanessa Warfield is currently out of the list (ao as Peasemaker)

    Ar Supernaturals , cool !
    hope more Supernaturals are coming

  4. Thanks again for the heads-up about that! I fixed these after seeing your message, but kept forgetting to come back and tell you.

    Believe it or not, someone else requested Skull years ago, so you’re not alone about the Supernaturals. I drew line art for him years ago, but really wanted to figure out a way to make the hologram parts look right. Also, it seemed like it’d be fun to surprise people with Supernaturals before I started making Visionaries, no one would expect that! If I can only sprite one Herioic Warrior, which do you want to see?