December 15th, 2023

There’s a Toy Haul update coming next week with some all-new sprites, but here’s a few updated things to get the party started early!

Masters of the Universe’s Teela was updated (palette contrast and shading) while Man-at-Arms now has a ‘Flimation armor’ sprite, and the G.I.JOE Battle Android Trooper now has blowtorch sprite.

All three sprites were added to the main image generator. The “GI*JOE 128×192” screenstyle now has another (and less specific) explosion background for the 1986 card, though the General Hawk-shaped explosion is still there.

Current plans are for the Toy Haul update to hit next week and then a Wrap-Up update before the end of the year. Here’s a tease of something (well, someone) you’ll see in both.

2 Responses to “pre-Toy Haul 2023”

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