A few enemies from 1988 games have hit the site: Giant Soldier (Capcom’s Bionic Commando) and Emperor Zaas (Taito’s Superman arcade game). They’ve been added to the GFX Generators and the Custom Sprite Capcom and DC galleries.

Mini-Logos – Alex Kidd (in Miracle World and Enchanted Castle styles) added to Sega section. and Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari added to Technos section.

Logos – Added a bunch of Alex Kidd logos, the SMS Double Dragon logo and Blaster Master (NES)

Game Index – Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (Famicom), Dragon’s Crown (PS3) added, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Genesis), River City Ransom (NES) updated.

Company Index – Atlus added.

Things are moving slowly these days because I’ve got quite a few things in the lab that I can’t show right away. Here’s a sneak preview:

I’ve been working on an improved version of that section and it’ll hit the site in early February.

BTW: I updated my DC & Marvel LittleBigPlanet 2 item giveaway level. I added some new items I’d made a while ago and forgot to add, including a Lex Luthor symbol much like the better one in the new DC Comics DLC pack. I used new items from that pack to make the level look a bit better, too.

Some of Superman’s supporting cast members and enemies popped up during the comic updates a while ago, but I saved the Man of Steel himself for this update.

Custom Sprites – One scratch-made of Superman goes a looooong way. I edited it into a few Superman-like characters and here’s how they’re arranged in the custom sprite galleries:
DC Comics – Superman, Captain Marvel, Icon, Ultraman
Marvel Comics – Gladiator, Hyperion
Sunsoft – Sunman (Never heard of his game? Learn about it from the Lost Levels website)

Mini-logos – Icon was added to the DC Comics section, Gladiator was added to the Marvel section, Sunman was added to the Sunsoft section and Beans vs. Cornbread was added to the Illmosis section (more on that in a bit).

Those sprites and minilogos were added to their characters in the GFX Generators.

If you play LittleBigPlanet 2 and want some DC and Marvel shape items like the Superman symbol, the Avengers A and the recently-added Eye of Agamotto, check out and queue my item giveaway level on LBP.me and snatch ’em up.

BTW: be sure to check out Arcade Quartermaster to check out the new comic-related shrines, including that Superman arcade game from Taito, the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon arcade game and the Neo Geo Eightman game.

So, that “the War Begins Again” project I’ve been talking about for a while is now live and it’s an all-new version of the Beans vs. Cornbread site with the first page of the comic and a bit more. I’ll need to concentrate on BvsC and preparing for the All-Americon convention in July, so this site is going to be a bit quiet until ScrollBoss’ 13th anniversary on the July 19th. There’s also a possible month-long commission project on the way as well, so I’m going to be all-around busy for a while. You still might see a few tune-up posts here and there before then, but there won’t be any big updates.

Naturally, the July 19th update will feature some new scratch-made sprites and the focus will be on game characters. While I have a few planned and sketched out, I’d like to hear if there are any characters you want to see sprites of in the anniversary update. They need to be characters originally from platform, beat-em-up or action rpg games from the 16-bit era and don’t already have a custom sprite in the custom sprite galleries. You can leave a response in the comment section here, on the Tumblr, or tell me on Twitter.

It’s the last of the comic book updates! This issue has a lot of Superman-related characters to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of his (and Lois’) first appearance. There will be another chunk of Superman sprites later this year to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the arcade game by Taito.

GFX Generators
New characters:
DC Comics – Bizarro, Braniac, Lois Lane, Zod
Data East – Chelnov/Atomic Runner
Updated characters:
Marvel – Storm (new punk rock sprite, 2 palettes added), Iron Man (Heroes Return era mini-logo added)
GroupShot: X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Capcom Secret Files) added to the 88×136 comic cover styles

Custom Sprites – The sprites added to the generators have all been added to their respective Marvel, DC and Data East galleries.

Mini-Logos – Bizarro (’80s), Brainiac (’80s), Despero (’90s), Lois Lane (original, early ’70s), Mera (’80s) added to DC. Iron Man (Heroes Return) added to Marvel.

BTW: Data East’s Chelnov is celebrating its 25th anniversary so I thought it’d be nice if Data East’s superhero made his way into this update, too.

That’s the end of comic book week for this year. All of the update posts from this week will be merged into a Trade Paperback post tomorrow so those who weren’t following can see all the newness at once. Thanks to everyone who checked out the new things here and extra thanks to anyone kind enough to repost or like these updates on the various places I posted them. Be sure to look at the other updates if this is your first time back, especially if you didn’t know about the new MUGEN stage I added on Thursday. The site will be back to more game-related updates, but comic heroes and villains will be sprinkled in here and there, just as they’ve always been on this site. Have a good weekend!

Currently busy with many things, including cooking up a few things for future themed updates for this site (and I’ll dedicate a whole post to that soon). I just wanted to make another update so you know that the site is still kicking.

Game Index – Adjustments were made to many entries and the engine itself, including one to the screenshot area. The main index page now lets you check out games according to genre. There are almost 100 games in there right now, so that took a while. Most of the games have at least one screenshot now.

games added: Altered Beast (arcade), Quartet (arcade), Rolling Thunder (arcade)

Sprites – More sprites were added to the following galleries: Superman (arcade), Vigilante (arcade).

GFX Generators – a recreation of the Metroid NES title screen has been added to those variable background screenstyles in the Vs. Maker and GroupShot generators.

Capcom: Avengers/Avenger Ryu & Ko (full ending pose).
Namco: Wonder Momo (Momo sprite)

All new custom sprites were added to their Custom Sprite galleries as well.

Before I go, here’s a minor extra thing to show off. I was testing out an idea I had and posted a .GIF of the result on Tumblr, but had to trim it down because the full version kept getting an upload error. Here’s the whole thing:

Game Index – These 1988 games were added to the Index: P.O.W. (arcade), RoboCop (arcade), Superman (arcade game by Taito) and Vigilante (arcade) added. The Superman and Vigilante text sections have a bit more content and commentary than many of the other index pages and is something I might try to do more often.

GFX Generators – What’s been updated:
GroupShot and Vs.Maker:
Capcom: Radd Spencer/Bionic Commando (new sprite)
Technos: Linda (new sprites and palettes), Abobo (DD2 sprite & new palettes), Double Dragons (doppelganger/shadow palette), Shadow Warriors (Williams DD2 headswap & new palette), Marian (3 new palettes)
Fakeshot Generator: new Mega Man NES-style sprite edits were added, including Radd Spencer, Nth Man (from Larry Hama’s Marvel Comic) and more DC characters whose name ends in man or woman, plus Dr. Sivana.

Articles – I just made some various fixes to the 1989 articles, especially an improved 1989 Game Index list. My plan is to make sure those pages are completely up-to-par before next year, the 25th Anniversary of 1989, the greatest year for video gaming (in my opinion).

Custom Sprites
Capcom – Radd Spencer (NES stance/uniform)
Technos gallery – Linda (new scratch-made pose), Abobo (improved sprites + DD2 version), Williams (hairswap).
Mega Man NES-style – a new gallery with all those crappy edits I made for the Fake Screenshot generator.
DC Comics – The old sprite edits of Player 2 Superman and the Mystery Woman from the Taito Superman arcade game were finally re-added after being left out when the galleries were redesigned. Wait, you don’t know about the Mystery Woman? Read the Superman entry in the Game Index!

Sprites – Superman (sprites and animations from the arcade game) updated.