It’s the last of the comic book updates! This issue has a lot of Superman-related characters to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of his (and Lois’) first appearance. There will be another chunk of Superman sprites later this year to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the arcade game by Taito.

GFX Generators
New characters:
DC Comics – Bizarro, Braniac, Lois Lane, Zod
Data East – Chelnov/Atomic Runner
Updated characters:
Marvel – Storm (new punk rock sprite, 2 palettes added), Iron Man (Heroes Return era mini-logo added)
GroupShot: X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Capcom Secret Files) added to the 88×136 comic cover styles

Custom Sprites – The sprites added to the generators have all been added to their respective Marvel, DC and Data East galleries.

Mini-Logos – Bizarro (’80s), Brainiac (’80s), Despero (’90s), Lois Lane (original, early ’70s), Mera (’80s) added to DC. Iron Man (Heroes Return) added to Marvel.

BTW: Data East’s Chelnov is celebrating its 25th anniversary so I thought it’d be nice if Data East’s superhero made his way into this update, too.

That’s the end of comic book week for this year. All of the update posts from this week will be merged into a Trade Paperback post tomorrow so those who weren’t following can see all the newness at once. Thanks to everyone who checked out the new things here and extra thanks to anyone kind enough to repost or like these updates on the various places I posted them. Be sure to look at the other updates if this is your first time back, especially if you didn’t know about the new MUGEN stage I added on Thursday. The site will be back to more game-related updates, but comic heroes and villains will be sprinkled in here and there, just as they’ve always been on this site. Have a good weekend!

Finally, Iron Man’s Hall of Armor is ready to fight in for M.U.G.E.N.:

Get the scratch-made stage and the music (Iron Man’s MSH BGM) from the page in this link! As a back-up feature, I have a new scratch-made sprite of Bravoman:

It’s on the Namco custom sprites page and he’s in the GFX Generators that use fighting game sprites.

In case you didn’t see it, yesterday’s TMNT-heavy update post can be found in this link. Due to day job issues, tomorrow’s update will be as late as this one was, but I think you’ll like the sprites I’ve been saving for this next one.