I claimed that there wouldn’t be a DangerTerrorHorrorThon two months in a row, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a small horror-centric update!

I drew a new pic of Splatterhouse’s Rick Taylor and converted it into pixel art portraits he can use in the GFX Generators. They’re in MSH Vs. and Vampire Hunter/Savior/whatever sizes. I also added a few Splatterhouse arcade sprites to the Splatterhouse sprite gallery.

I’ve finally started working on pixel art prints and here’s a preview of the first one I’ll be selling:

Everything in this print is scratch-made, including the background, and you’ll notice some new contestants in the selection grid and a few improvements in the older Jason and Freddy pixel art. I’ve ordered a test print of this for myself and will have it available for sale if it looks good. It will be on both the Illmosis prints page and a prints page that I’ll have on this site in the next update.

Get ready for two days of the sort of horror-based pixel nonsense that rarely happens here outside of October!

Pamela Voorhees returns to physical (well, pixel) realm in search of her son only to find look-a-likes, doppelgangers and pretenders. Why, these men aren’t her son! What should be done about this mockery? Unfortunately, her answer is the only answer she’s known since Jason drowned all those years ago: “Kill them, mommy! Kill them!”

Custom Sprites
Movies: Pamela Voorhees
Namco: Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse, new pose)
Sega: Kid Chameleon as Manaix
Taito: Booster (Growl/Runark)
Tecmo: Hockey-masked thug (new to replace the 2013 sprite)

The GFX Generators were updated with the new items.

Here’s a few links to some cool stuff to keep that horror groove going:
Anyone disappointed that the real Jason didn’t show up here today should check out Rusty Shackle’s artwork of Jason Voorhees.

The Xiamat Tumblr has a very cool, low-color .GIF of Freddy Krueger that looks like he’s glitching his own NES game from the inside.

Seriously, just follow both of those Tumblrs if you want more of that goodness.

Also: be sure to check out Zombiepalooza Radio’s site and Facebook page!

Tomorrow’s tagline:
“This Valentine’s Day weekend, lucky couples will find themselves in the sack. The unlucky ones will end up in a body bag.”

We’ve partied down with Elvira and the Monster Party one week and witnessed the dead rising the grave one week later. Now it’s time to visit a place somewhere in between, where the death of a young boy triggered a chain of events that led to the area itself to be locked into a repeating blood curse: Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately for any innocents in the way, the son of Pamela Voorhees isn’t the only terror stalking the woods. Speaking of repeating curses, what’s a video game site Halloween celebration without Castlevania? A miserable little pile of failure, that’s what? And yet, even I’ve managed to get some Akumajou Densetsu and Castlevania: the Adventure content in there! Put on your Silver Shamrock masks and get ready for the DangerTerrorHorrorThon!

Custom Sprites – Along with a new design for the main Custom Sprites page, the following galleries were updated:
Konami: Sypha Belmondes, Medusa (Akumajō Densetsu version), and the Night Stalker (Castlevania: the Adventure) added to the Castlevania section. The Kruegeresque fifth boss from Crime Fighters was added to the Crime Fighters section.
Movies: The Shape/Michael Myers added to the new Halloween section. Camp Crystal Lake Counselors from the NES Friday the 13th game join a new sprite of Jason, whether they want to or not.

Mini-logos – Logos for Halloween added to the Movies section.

GFX Generators – The new sprites and mini-logos were added to the generators, along with a new background based on the LJN Friday the 13th game.

Batman’s got a nosebleed – Uncle Happy’s blog has been reviewing a lot of horror movies this month, so it’s definitely worth a look right now.

VG Junk kept the Halloween flavor going on all month, so be sure to check out that site, too!

Mega Ran fans, be sure to check out his “Director’s Cut DVD and a New Album for 2015” Kickstarter!

Once again, big up to Hydro74, the creator of the font used in the DangerTerrorHorrorThon’s title screen. His fonts kick the butt and not the wallet, so any of you creative heads out there should buy his very affordable fonts.

That’s all for this inaugural installment of the DangerTerrorHorrorThon on ScrollBoss. What was supposed to be one big update at the end of the month turned into a fun series of weekly update that gave me an excuse to sprite some weird, gross pixel art. I think the fact that Horace Pinker made his way into last week’s update should be a hint that I really do like horror movies and that you should expect to see more sprites of those characters in future updates. Seriously, I could do this crap until I’m in my 70’s with an update post like, “Well, I’m just now getting around to spriting the Boogens, the alien from Without Warning and Sid Haig’s character from Galaxy of Terror.” I’m going to try and get some rest this weekend while watching some horror flicks and I hope you have a fun weekend, too!

Note: there are a few problems with the blog and I’ll try to get them fixed some time this weekend. It’s now fixed.

2014 only has one Friday the 13th, so here’s an update with some dangerous masked characters who like to work with sharp objects without being an annoying Spanish ninja. Jason got a sprite and mini-logo in a similar update that hit last December, so it’s time to give him a bit more this time. Other characters wearing goalie masks (or masks similar to them) also get a bit of attention today.

GFX Generators – the following characters were updated:
– Jason Voorhees: Street Fighter Alpha (Zero) 3 Vs. portrait and namegfx, Friday the 13th (LJN box) mini-logo.
– Rick Taylor: Wanpaku Graffiti-inspired sprite and SFA 3 portrait (edited from Jason’s) added.
– Crime Fighters – Enemies: Boss 2 (the goalie-masked enemy) sprite added.
– Juli, Juni, and the Dolls: Decapre gets some sprite edits and SFA3 Vs. screen portraits while Juli and Juni get a few more sprites.

By the way, Friday the 13th for the NES, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti for the Famicom, and Crime Fighters all debuted in 1989, so this update is also part of the Revenge of 1989. See how that all worked out? That rarely happens here, so enjoy it while you can!

Edit: Today’s Illmosis update has the lineart for Jason’s SFa3 portrait along with a Black Widow (Marvel) picture!

My big plans for the Halloween update were cut short by commission work. One of the sprites that you’d have seen in October would have been Jason Voorhees, inspired by the fact that NECA went crazy and made a SDCC exclusive glow-in-the-dark figure colored like the NES sprite. The weird part is that someone e-mailed me to ask if I had a Jason sprite without knowing I’d planned to do one. Unfortunately, I ran out of time, so I didn’t do it. Then I decided to check and see if there was a Friday the 13th before the year was over and, sure enough, there is. So instead of just having Jason show up on Halloween, he’s here on his own special day. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve got new sprites of other hockey mask-wearing characters, including a new Rick Taylor sprite. This is Splatterhouse’s 25th anniversary year, so things just worked out just right.

GFX Generators
New Characters: Jason Voorhees (pt. 3 sprite, two palettes), Casey Jones (TMNT), Ninja Gaiden enemies (the hockey mask-wearing enemy with multiple palettes)
Updated Characters: Rick Taylor (new scratch-made Splatterhouse 1 standing pose), Jennifer (improved sprite, brown palette)

Custom Sprites – Splatterhouse’s Rick and Jen were added to the Namco page, Jason was added to the new Movie-related gallery, Casey was added to the TMNT page and that hockey mask guy from Ninja Gaiden was added to the Tecmo page.

Breakin’ News

The U.S. Playstation store has quite a few Capcom games and items on sale on the cheap tip. The Dungeons and Dragons compilation, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins are $7.49, $3.49 if you have Playstation Plus. Spelunky has the same $3.49/$7.49 price scheme, too. The PS3 and Vita versions of Dragon’s Crown, my favorite game of the year, is on sale for $29.99, too. Jump on that while the gettin’ good.

EDIT: News hit this weekend that Capcom will be de-listing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and all MvsC3 and Ultimate MvsC3 items (DLC) from PSN and X-Box live very soon. You only have until the next PSN Store update to get those things and Live users have a bit longer. Read about it on Capcom-Unity.

Good Old Games (gog.com), home of non-DRM computer gaming, has a gigantic sale going on that I’m not even going to try and list. You just need to check it out A.S.A.P. if you’re interested.