The moving is done, I’m hooked up to the internet again and I finally have a chance to rest this weekend. This is partially an “I’m back and I’m still alive” post, but there are a few small fixes and clean-up work. Besides, with this being the 8th month and the 9th day of a year in which I’m pushing 1989 awareness, I had to put up some sort of update, right?

GFX Generator – The Doppelganger boss’ final form from the Revenge of Shinobi was added to the “Zeed/Neo Zeed” character slot. Ryu’s SFA-style palettes were increased (with fixes to a few older ones) while Rolento got two new poses and many more new palettes (redone with separate pants colors for USF4 palettes). The “Mego WGSH 176×192” style in the GroupShot generator has two new groups of bubbles, and I’ll let you discover who’s in them.

Nico-waz-here was kind enough to send some Tiny Toons portrait rips from a GBA game I hadn’t even heard about, so check out that beautiful art here.

There is now a ScrollBoss YouTube channel, though it only has a re-post the short Revenge of 1989 video for now.

Check out this interview with Rob “Dire” Strangman about the Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman book! It’s great to see that book get more attention. My name pops up for an unexpected reason. Be sure to check out that book, too!

Well, it’s time for me to collapse and attempt to get some rest. I’m all moved in now, so expect a real site update soon with more 1989-related goodness. Until then, here’s a preview of some shaky sprite line work.

edit (2014 August 10th)

GFX Generator addition: Kirby has 3 new palettes and that Mego WGSH has a new custom face circle set with Nintendo characters.

GFX Generators – Now that the sprites and palette selections are on different pages, I’ll be adding more of both to a few characters in this and future small updates. As a back-up to the Bravoman update, the full “Bravoman X Wonder Momo” cover set-up and logo was added to the “Comics 88×136 pixels” style.
Capcom: Cammy (sprite and SFA3 palettes), Chun-Li (3 SFA-Classic sprites, 14 redone palettes), Dhalsim (sprite and SFA3 & MSHvsSF palettes), Ken (2 SFA-set sprites and palettes), M.Bison (6 SFA-set sprites added, palettes expanded)
Namco: Bravoman (Bravo Black palette added), Chomp Chomp added
Marvel: Gambit (new palette), Psylocke (sprites & palettes), Super-Skrull (4 new sprites)

Custom Sprites – Four new Super-Skrull variations (Thing fist, Fantastic fist, Torch arms and 4 powers at the same time) were added to the Marvel page. Chomp Chomp, Pac-Man’s dog, was added to the Namco page.

I’m going to be at the All AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio on July 7th. I made a Tumblr post about it here with more info and the Facebook (sorry) page for the event is here. Updates will be small until then because I need to get ready for this along with getting another website up and running. The next big update will be on July 19th, this website’s birthday. This site also has its own Twitter account now and you can keep up with updates from that, this site’s WP RSS feed or the site’s Tumblr that I linked to earlier.

… you won’t be able to tell from this small update.

GFX Generators
VsMaker: Added X-Men: CotA name graphics for more Marvel characters (and a few others). There’s an issue with player 2 characters and that screen, but it’ll require a new thing for the engines and that might be a while.

New characters: Professor X, Magneto’s Acolytes, Forge
Updated characters: Magneto (spites added)

Mini-Logos: Marvel Super Heroes – Secret Wars and X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Secret Files) added to Marvel section. Those logos were added to the GFX Generators and work nicely with their counterparts in the Comic 88 x 136 layout in the GroupShot generator.

I finished the first art commission that caused me to put the site on pause for a while, but just had to start another one. I probably won’t be able to have another update for another month after this one. I made a little Street Fighter 25th anniversary update between commission jobs to prove that I’m still around. This site isn’t supposed to focus on fighting games, but Street Fighter and Final Fight share the same world and that’s my excuse.

Graphic Generators

Adon (added sprites)
Birdie (added sprites & SF1-based palette)
Eagle (newly added)
Cammy (new SFA-style Delta Red win pose edit)
Charlie (P1 and P1 Shadow palettes from MSH vs SF)
Chun-Li (Three SFA/SFZ tracksuit sprites in four palettes)
Gen (added sprite)
Gouki (added SFA set sprites and lots of palettes)
Guile (SFA3 PSX palettes)
Guy (added SFA sprites)
Ryu (new sprite edit based on old Akiman SF2 art, fixed MvsC P1 palette)
Rolento (added SFA sprites, new edited sprite based on SFA2 ending)
Sagat (added sprites & palettes, including a custom SF1 palette)

Over a dozen backgrounds from different Street Fighter games were added to the “384×224 scenes + text” in the GroupShot Generator.
8×16 font from Super Street Fighter II Turbo added to font-enabled styles in the GroupShot Generator.

Custom Sprites – The Capcom page was updated with the new Rolento edit added to the Final Fight section. Ryu and Cammy edits added to Street Fighter section.

Breakin’ News

I’m not too big on most Kickstarters because I’m usually so low on funds that I’d need to start a Kickstarter to contribute decent dough to other Kickstarters. Here are two that I’ll definitely donate to if my commission money comes in before the deadlines:

Every Move is Special – The plan is to host a special event and all-around celebration of both Street Fighter and fighting games as a whole. See previews of the artwork and more on the project’s Tumblr. This looks like it’s going to be a really cool book and possible event, so I’m really rooting for this one.

Mercenary Kings – The same crew behind the excellent Scott Pilgrim vs. the World beat-em-up are working on a side-scrolling platform shooter that harkens to many 2-D classics while adding the ability to make your own weapons and gear. Check out the website for more details and watch this video to see what kind of game they’re going to hit us with in 2013.

Graphic Generators – I just made a small character update.
Capcom: Ibuki added. Poison (new SF3-to-SFA-like edits and a new palette), Ryu (SFA3 portrait headband edit) updated.
Namco: Nina, Kazuya and Yoshimitsu make a invasion with new scratch-made sprites.
Taito: Dolls from Growl/Runark are now one sprite with multiple palettes (three arcade, three Genesis/Mega Drive)

Mini-Logos – A Street Fighter IV-styled Street Fighter logo added to Capcom section. 70’s and late 80’s Avengers logos added to Marvel section. Illmosis and ScrollBoss logos added to Illmosis section.

Custom Sprites – Scratch-made sprites of Nina (Tekken 5), Kazuya (1, 2 & 5) and Yoshimitsu (2 & 3) were added to the Namco page.

edit: I also re-sized the scratch-made sprites of the Dolls from Growl because I didn’t notice that they were too tall.

Noise Factory:TMNT IV: Turtles In Time
Dynamo just posted a breakdown of his five favorite BGM tracks from TMNT IV and it’s worth a read. The man is uniquely qualified to make these posts since he thinks about games on a nuts and bolts level AND he crafts some fine music himself. He also makes a reference to one of my favorite musicians in the description of the #1 track. Look that name up on YouTube if you don’t recognize it when you get to it. You’ll be glad you did.

GFX Generators – Slight improvements were made to the engine but the only one you’ll notice is that the transparent shadows no longer overlap and make darker areas.

New characters: Adon, Birdie, Dee Jay, Fei Long, Gen, Karin, R. Mika, Rose, Sakura, Shadaloo Dolls and T.Hawk from Capcom’s Street Fighter. Marian, Abobo & Burnov from Technos’ Double Dragon games (Neo Geo fighter sprites).
Updated chars: Double Dragons (Neo Geo sprites added), Jubilee (mini-logo & X-Men:COTA name graphic), Zangief (new sprites)
GroupShot scene updates: Golden Axe vs. 01 – improved shadow transparency
VS. Mode “Custom Scene” backgrounds: Italy from Street Fighter Alpha 2, Code Red and On The Hilltop from X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

Game IndexCaptain America and the Avengers added.

The next update update will be in about two weeks from now. That puts it close to the 11th Anniversary. It won’t be anywhere near as big as the 10th Anniversary but there will be medium-large announcement about why it will be the last ScrollBoss update for a while.

Another reminder: the ScrollBoss Tumblr, Scroll like a Boss, exists, is active and has more than update post links. I’ve been posting screenshots that make me smile for all sorts of right and wrong reasons along with videos and reposts of cool game-related stuff I like there.