May 25th, 2013

GFX Generators – Now that the sprites and palette selections are on different pages, I’ll be adding more of both to a few characters in this and future small updates. As a back-up to the Bravoman update, the full “Bravoman X Wonder Momo” cover set-up and logo was added to the “Comics 88×136 pixels” style.
Capcom: Cammy (sprite and SFA3 palettes), Chun-Li (3 SFA-Classic sprites, 14 redone palettes), Dhalsim (sprite and SFA3 & MSHvsSF palettes), Ken (2 SFA-set sprites and palettes), M.Bison (6 SFA-set sprites added, palettes expanded)
Namco: Bravoman (Bravo Black palette added), Chomp Chomp added
Marvel: Gambit (new palette), Psylocke (sprites & palettes), Super-Skrull (4 new sprites)

Custom Sprites – Four new Super-Skrull variations (Thing fist, Fantastic fist, Torch arms and 4 powers at the same time) were added to the Marvel page. Chomp Chomp, Pac-Man’s dog, was added to the Namco page.

I’m going to be at the All AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio on July 7th. I made a Tumblr post about it here with more info and the Facebook (sorry) page for the event is here. Updates will be small until then because I need to get ready for this along with getting another website up and running. The next big update will be on July 19th, this website’s birthday. This site also has its own Twitter account now and you can keep up with updates from that, this site’s WP RSS feed or the site’s Tumblr that I linked to earlier.

4 Responses to “X-Men vs. Street Fighter x Namco”

  1. Holy hell this website still exists. I think I came here 10 years ago to laugh at the Minus World features.

    Keep fighting the fight for 2D sprites, brotha

  2. No one is more surprised that this place still exists than I am. Always glad to hear that anyone dug those Minus World pages from back in the day. Maybe it’s time I cook up some more of those.

    Thanks for the comment, because that’s what keeps me fighting that fight!

  3. Howdy!

    I happened across your site during some Google searching. Neat to see some Bravoman fan art in sprite form!

    You should come over and post your custom sprites and comic covers in the official Bravoman fan art thread in the Shiftylook forums.

    Here’s a link:

  4. As both a fan of the Bravoman comic and fellow Transformer fan (points at non-subtle user name), thanks!

    I joined the board and I’ll have a Namco sprite post ready some time this week. Thanks for the heads-up about the board!