October 31st, 2017

Halloween is here and it’s time to wrap up the HorrorThon!

Custom Sprites
Night Slashers: Christopher, Jake and the Ripper
Splatterhouse: Deadman, Top Heavy
movies: Dracula (1931), Dr. Herbert West (Re-Animator)
MotU: Scare Glow

Mini-logos: Circus Charlie and Maria added to Konami, Dracula (Universal pictures poster) added to movies.

The new sprites and that new background were added to the the fighter-scale image generator, where you can make graphics like the one at the top of this post! Meanwhile, the sale on line art and pixel art prints will continue until November 2nd.

2 Responses to “DangerTerrorHorrorThon 2017 pt. 5: Happy Halloween”

  1. That Scare-Glow totally Made. My. Day.

    It’s also fun to compare your different Dracula incarnations, side by side.

    Thanks :)

  2. I was hoping you’d dig it :) Scare Glow was fun to sprite. It’s odd that I’ve mostly stuck by trying to finish early MotU and I ended up spriting someone near the end of the original run, but multiple people requested him and he’s perfect for Halloween!

    There was another toy-related sprite I wanted to have in the update, but I didn’t have time to sprite over the penciled sketch I made for him. I think I’ll kick him in there during the toy update in December!

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