January 25th, 2018

First of all, just in case you didn’t come in through the front door, check out the new and improved index page. That new index pic is YEARS in the making, because I wanted the new version to have 0% sprite edits. That’s all scratch-made, including a sprite done for the new group shot and can’t be found in the galleries yet. I’ll let you find him for yourself. That external link icon set is new, too. Like a lot of the things in this update, it’s long overdue, so let’s get to the rest of it.

Info Center: After years of neglect, the Game Index, Company Index, S-Files/Character profiles and Definition/Vernacula-X sections have been recoded and the main page itself has a new pic with site character Vonetta (a.k.a. Vernacula). She’s in charge of the Info Center and likes the place to be quiet, so keep the noise down while you’re in there.. The pages mostly look the same, but there were a lot of little fixes and improvements to a lot of entries, and the new system I’m using for all of them makes it easy to make changes in the future. Unfortunately, since I’ve been working on this here-and-there since mid-2017, I don’t remember all the brand new pages, so this is a partial list:
– Definitions: Doppelgänger, fighting game, fixed screen, frankensprite, head swap, tile
– S-Files: Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee

Custom Sprites: there are now separate galleries for Alex Kidd, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Ninja Gaiden, the Zelda series
Ghosts ‘n Goblins: a new scratch-made Arthur sprite.
Mega Man: a new scratch-made MvC1-style Mega Man sprite.
Data East: Santos (Trio the Punch)
Konami: Solid Snake (MGS)
Sega: Mary (Quartet)
Marvel: Black Cat (Spider-Man arcade fighting stance)
Illmosis: a new sprite of Vonetta (a.k.a. Vernacula)

Sprites: lots of behind-the-scenes work was done on nearly all the galleries, mostly switching to the new image display format. There are a few new things, though.
Golden Axe: the Duel: all arcade big portraits are now there (and separate) and an new .GIF of the final boss.
P.O.W.: new gallery with sprites of the player characters.

Konami: Metal Gear Solid

GFX Generators: All of the new custom sprites and mini-logo have been added to the main generator, where The Mego WGSH set-up gets a better set of Konami face circles.

**wipes brow** That’s all for now. Please let me know if you run into any errors or broken parts of the site, because this update changed at least 40% of the site!

13 Responses to “2018: a new year of newness about oldness”

  1. it occurred to me that you could make a duet with the dog and play duck
    duck hunt
    and the pinball character of windows xp

  2. Keep up the good work prime! Years of awesome stacked up and it’s only getting better.

  3. Thanks, Mr. Din! The funniest part about finally putting this together after feeling I almost had enough scratch-made work to make an all-non-edit version is that I ended up having to leave out a lot of others. Next goal: a new version of the old Brawlstreet banner!

    It’s really good to see you refining your neo-Genesis/Mega Drive pixel style (the palettes have more shades, but still have that classic feel), can’t wait to see what you come up with for 2018!

  4. Yay, first post of 2018!

    It’s nice to see Snake and Also-Snake / Bart take their place amongst the BEUers.

    I’ve been trying and trying to find the new sprite; Does he have a baseball cap?

  5. Thanks, Eddie! I seriously thought I had a P.O.W. gallery before now, but only found out because of error logs showing another page trying to point to it.

    I’ll make it easy: the other group shot sprite is of a character who already had an official fighter-scale Capcom sprite and he’s around the rest of his group :)

    BTW: are you able to log into the new Tapatalk version of the message board?

  6. PrimeOp occurs to me as Valentine’s Day approaches
    you could add to the babysitter
    I will be informing you of the other characters before I forget here I have a picture of Peter Rotentail and you could place it on Easter

  7. Madame Leota
    and the addams family could also be in horror vs horror

  8. before I forget I’m still in the mood I support you in everything
    since you have a great talent for creating characters and for sure you will get very far soon I will continue with ideas of hallowen and horror vs horror since I also want to help you with toys and cartoons

  9. I probably won’t have any horror material for any potential V-Day or Easter updates (I don’t even know if I’m doing anything for either holiday), but thanks for the good ideas!

  10. The new Mega Man and Santos sprites aren’t in their pages. So is the Michelle Hart and Morrigan sprites from last year.

  11. Thanks for letting me know, I just made the fixes to the galleries.

  12. PrimeOp how did you create the sprite of eleven stranger things it occurred to me
    that you could create the demogorgon here I have the model so you can do it


  13. PrimeOp
    I came up with a section for characters from the terror of the 60s
    that you could include Rosemary Woodhouse as she would also like to see female characters