No theme, just pixels!

Custom Sprites
Final Fight: Cody’s 2016 sprites have been improved and I’ve made a sprite in the classic arcade flyer art pose
Nintendo: Lady (Donkey Kong), mostly based on Yoichi Kotabe’s artwork
Golden Axe: Lt., Col. and Gen. Bitter
Capcom: Rouge (Power Stone)
Marvel Comics: Moon Knight (classic outfit)
River City Ransom: NES-style sprites of Egg Shen (Big Trouble in Little China)

Mini-logos: Power Stone added to Capcom page

All new items have been added to the GFX Generators, which you can use to make graphics like the one at the top of this post!

Just in case you missed the post from earlier this week, sale prices are back for line art and pixel art prints, and commissions are back on, too!

Sorry for dropping off the map for a bit (I’ll explain later), but here’s some more sprites based on early 80s video games!

Custom Sprites
– Namco: Mappy (FINALLY!)
– Nintendo: Donkey Kong and Luigi
– Taito: redone and improved Ptolemy
– Williams: Lander and Flyer Model from Defender, Hulk from Robotron: 2084

All these things were added to the GFX Generators, waiting for you to use them in fake screenshots, avatars, graphics and more.

I got yet another commission to make pixel art for a YouTube channel, but this was for a more intricate background. The irony is that most of what I was spriting was 80s-related, keeping me on theme even when I’m not working on the site. I’ll be sure to link to it when it hits the internet.

The commission work may have kept me from doing a few planned updates this month, but those ideas will just get kicked along for later. Thanks to the votes that went into the arcade, I wanted to make an update with characters from early fighting games and beat ’em ups (think Kung-Fu Master, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Shaolin’s Road, Karate Champ) and that’s something that’ll probably be more fun if I have more time to make material for it. The same goes for another themed update that I won’t describe, but I’ll just say that a sprite in the 15th Anniversary update was a warm-up for that.

This site will be in chill mode for September; not really paused, but there won’t be a lot of new content. There are art programs I’ve bought months ago and it’s time for me to dig in and start learning how to use them. Plus, I’m really tired and need some rest. Updates will stay small until October. You know what’s coming back in October, right? Riiiiiiiiiight.

August is the eighth month and that means it’s time to celebrate the 80s! Look, I know that’s what I do on this site most of the time, but most of the focus will be on the early part of the decade, a time that often gets neglected on this site. So let’s fix that right off the bat!

Custom Sprites
Nintendo: Mario (doing the pose from the old U.S. flyer art)
Taito: Bub and Bob
Pac-Man: Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-Man 2 pose)
Games (other): Coily (Q*Bert’s enemy)
Williams: Player 1 and 2 from Joust

Mini-Logos: Joust was added to the Williams/Midway gallery, Bub and Bob added to the Taito gallery

All new items were added to the GFX Generators, where you can use them to make graphics like the one at the top of this post. You’ll also find the new 1980-1986 arcade background. I asked people on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter which seven games from 80 to 86 would they put in their own mini-arcade and picked the ones that got the most choices

I was commissioned to make a pixel art version of the Aaliyah Channel title screen for her trip to the Neon Retro Arcade and, as corny as it sounds, it’s just fun to see a young’un step into an arcade for the first time and be wowed like I was when I was a kid. Check it out and be sure to give her a like and a subscription if you dig it!

There will be a small update this weekend that visits the opposite end of the decade. You know what that means, right?

The Revenge of 1989, the greatest year for nearly everything related to video games, rises from its grave in less than a week!

This update is 100% old-school with games from 1985 and earlier. This is the second such update after the one in February with Pooka, Ms. Pac-Man and others. Oddly enough, that was before I even knew that Wreck-It Ralph even existed. Thanks to delays due to commissions and other projects, this update was pushed back to the month that the movie hit theaters. In other words, this is a really good time to celebrate the title and characters that built the foundation of video games. Besides, this site really needs more content from this era.

GFX Generators
New characters: Berzerk (Evil Otto and Robot), Centipede, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Dig Dug, Flashgal, Frogger (and Lady Frog), Fygar, H.E.R.O., Kangaroo, Luigi, Mr. Do, Pitfall Harry, Q-Bert, the Wizard of Wor.
Updated: Ghost Monsters (Gloved sprite, new palettes), Mario (new sprites & palettes), Pac-Man (two new sprites), Pooka (new palettes), Space Invaders (new palettes)
New backgrounds: A few new backgrounds were added to Create-a-scene, box tribute and Avatar 100×100 options, but the most important is the scratch-made arcade scene.
Updated screenstyles: Silver Atari 2600 box added to Box Tributes in the GroupShot. Ninja Warriors (arcade) 16×16 font added to the “Create-a-Scene 384×224 + text” in the GroupShot generator mainly because it looks like a big version of the typical font for old games.

Custom Sprites – The following galleries were updated:
Activision: H.E.R.O. and new Pitfall Harry sprite
Atari: Centipede
Data East: BurgerTime’s Peter Pepper
IREM: Mr. X from Kung-Fu Master
Konami: new sprites of Frogger and Lady Frog
Namco: New sprites added of Dig Dug, Fygar, Pac-Man and the Ghost Monsters
Nintendo: Donkey Kong, Donkey Junior, Mario and Luigi sprites
Sega: Pengo and Flashgal
Taito: Space Invader (cabinet art version)
Universal: Mr. Do

Mini-logos: Berzerk, Burgertime, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Frogger, H.E.R.O., Kangaroo, Lady Bug, Mr. Do!, Pengo (in-game), Pitfall, Puckman, Stern, Sunsoft, Q*Bert, Universal, Wizard of Wor.

This really brought back some good, old memories, like the days when I’d go to Lawson’s to buy comics and candy after playing the Star Castle or Mario Bros. coin-op machine. There will be at least one more update like this (though not as big) like this in 2013 to help fix the balance of 70’s-early 80’s material on this site, but I plan to mix in more classic material like this into future updates.

December will have one more themed update to pay tribute to some 1987 games celebrating their 25th anniversaries. There will probably be a small update or two with random stuff in them, too. Be sure to stop by the Illmosis site to see new art projects and pixel art gallery pages with those “work progress” animations that show some of the things I did to make the sprites. Enjoy the update and the rest of your extended play weekend!