July 19th, 2022

Today this site celebrates 22 years of platformer appreciation, beat ’em up boosting, pixel art positivity and more!

Custom Sprites:
Adventure Island: Master Higgins
Battle Circuit: Pink Ostrich
Mega Man: Fire Man
Karate Champ: Judge
Street Fighter: Cammy – Super Street Fighter II fight stance
Marvel: six of the suit-wearing thugs from Capcom’s Punisher arcade game
Illmosis Network: Upski Daisy (Beans vs. Cornbread)
Kirby: King Dedede

the Punisher: added Jigsaw and Hawke. Just checked the file properties and it looks like I had some of those sprites ready in 2009 and forgot to add them to the gallery.

As usual, all these new things have been added to the main Image Generator, where you can make (and right-click save) your own images like the one at the top of this news post!

ToyBoss: photos of the amazing Storm Collectables Tyris Flare have been added. I’m still in a bit of shock that official Golden Axe figures are even being made, but even more shocked that I have Tyris. If the Gilius Thunderhead is still available when I get my money back up again, I’ll get him, too. I bought mine at BigBadToyStore, but Entertainment Earth has them, too.

BTW: just in case you haven’t heard, Jada Toys recently teased new lines of Street Fighter and classic Mega Man action figures, and samples will be shown at San Diego Comic Con. No news about the scale of these figures yet, but I’m hoping they’ll be in 1:12 scale to fit in with Marvel Legends and G.I.JOE Classified. Funko made a nice Mega Man and fully on-model and poseable Dr. Wily a few years ago and I hope the new figures fit that same scale, too.

7 Responses to “ScrollBoss 22nd Anniversary”

  1. Have been waiting for these Punisher enemies for a long time
    Just to remind
    Punisher enemies and Upski-Daisy are not yet on the main list

    Also cannot find Baxter and ‘Konami – arcade style and scale’ of TMNT characters

  2. Glad you like ’em, I drew the line art with the Kingpin back in 2019 for that year’s anniversary, but didn’t get around to spriting him until now:

    Thanks for the heads-up about the issues in the generator. The arcade-scale TMNT characters aren’t in there because they don’t fit anything that’s in the generator, but that may change in the future.

  3. Hey, I like what you have added in the recent updates, great job as always.

    And I want to take the opportunity to ask about the character of Yuri Sakazaki (Art of Fighting), for a few months I haven’t seen him appear in the GFX Generator v.2.

    I hope it’s just some mistake, keep up the great work.

  4. Thanks, glad you’ve been liking it!

    Thanks for the heads-up on Yuri, seems like she got lost during the data upgrade for the new engine years ago. She’s back in now, but only has a couple CvS sprites programmed in now. I’ll add some KoF sprites to her soon. Sorry for the omission!

  5. reply Betocuaz

    Besides Yuri , there are still many CVS characters/sprites missing (at least I’d like to see Rock, Benimaru, Rugal)

    In my opinion , Capcom’s/Arc System Works’ style suits more for generator than KoF’s (but we only got I-NO, if ASW and Tecnos are counted seperately)

  6. Happy Belated Scrolliversary!

    I never liked Data East’s portrayal of the Karate Champ Judge, particularly because I always compared him to the much-better-looking Sensei from International Karate (No, I don’t count his Colonel Sanders look from the Atari ST version, but I don’t really count that version anyway).

    BUT your sprites of him (including the older 2006 one) really look to me the way he should have (just not 8-bit, but you know what I meant!).

    vErY GOOD!

  7. Thanks, Eddie!

    The Karate Champ Judge in the game always looked more like a Kung-Fu guy (not to be confused with Kung-Fu Man from MUGEN) to me, and I figure his design has to be some sort of JPN media reference I’m not getting, maybe some Mas Oyama-based stuff I haven’t seen yet. I found uniforms in pics that look close and incorporated that, but I just kinda tried to make it look as Karate-ish as I could.