June 30th, 2022

The Yo Joe June 2022 update is finally here with the completion of the Original 13 and the entire 1982 figure line-up, some long overdue additions and some new replacement sprites!

Custom Sprites: G.I.JOE
– new scratch-made sprites of Flint, Lady Jaye, Spirit, Sgt. Slaughter, Duke (new v.1 card art pose), Storm Shadow (new issue #21 hand seal pose), Major Bludd, Baroness (new glasses adjust), Breaker, Rock ‘n Roll (v.1), Short-Fuze, Steeler, Cobra Officer, Cobra Trooper (redone guard pose).
– adjustments/alt versions: to Clutch (slightly shorter), Cobra Commander (details, new poses with new head angles, and new v.4 Talking Battle Commanders versions of both poses), Storm Shadow (2017 fight stance sprites recolored to match new sprites)
– edit 2022-07-05: some characters now have their own mini-galleries, their old sprite edits are now in there, making the gallery a bit shorter and less cluttered.

As usual, all these new things have been added to the main Image Generator, where you can make (and right-click save) your own images like the one at the top of this news post! Also:
– Cobra communications room (based on the Epyx computer game) background added to Group Variable 384×224, Group 384×224, Comics 88×136 pixels, Marvel vs. Capcom endings, and Boxes Flyer & Posters 160×192
– GI*JOE 128×192: added style options for series 1 Cobra, series 2 G.I.JOE and Cobra.

I also made a short little video with most of my G.I. JOE pixelart:

2 Responses to “Yo Joe June 2022”

  1. I’m really digging that Sgt Slaughter sprite! (And how appropriate is it that I see it today!)

    The Cobra Communications room looks absolutely perfect. I honestly first thought you based it on a playset or something. COBRA!!!

  2. Thanks, Eddie! Even though it’s based on the C64 version of that Epyx game stage, I tried to make that background look like something you’d see in the cartoon and comics (I rewatched and reread them A LOT throughout June), so I hope that’s what came through in the look.