This is just a small update to fix a few things I didn’t like or add minor things I didn’t have enough time to make for earlier updates.

DC Comics: Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s sprite
Sega: Adam Hunter (Streets of Rage/ Bare Knuckle)
Movies: Pamela Voorhees (played by the late, great Betsy Palmer)

Mini-logos: Friday the 13th (part 1, with the bloody 13), Child’s Play, Evil Dead and Evil Dead II in the fancy font style were added to the Movies gallery

All these things have been added to the GFX Generators so you can make your own fake screenshots and other graphics with them.

I put most of the fighting-scale sprites I made in 2015 into a single pic. You won’t see all of the variants, nor will you see all the animation frames, the secret sprites I made for future projects (looks shifty) or commissions. It’s still a crapload of sprites, though. Click on the pic below to see a bigger version:

Plans for 2016? I’m working on the overhaul for the GFX Generators (got sprite placement working a few days ago, will be back at it this weekend) and hope to get those done for spring 2016. The small videos on the YouTube channel were just practice and 2016 will be showtime. There WILL be more pixel art prints for me to peddle. Still replacing edits with fresh scratch-made sprites.

Be sure to check out the 2015 wrap-up site posts from Shinju Forest and VGJunk!

Take care, have a Happy New Year and thanks again for checking out the site!

Flash week keeps rolling along! New sprites of Wally West (Justice League Task Force) and the Mirror Master have been added to the Custom Sprites gallery and GFX Generators. Mirror Master’s mini-logo is in there, too.