Here’s part two of the Halloween update:

GFX Generators – The Vampire Savior 2 VS. screen has been upgraded to use that game’s name graphics. All Darkstalkers characters and one Castlevania character can use them. New characters have been added and the breakdown is like this:
Capcom: Jedah, Lei-Lei
Nintendo (new!): Mario (with alt. palettes), Samus Aran (no armor & Zero Suit shared palettes)
Konami: Death, Belmont Clan (Simon/Trevor with lots of alt. palettes)
IREM: Thomas/Vigilante gets his black and white outfit from Kung-Fu, the NES version of Kung-Fu Master.

Custom Sprites – Simon Belmont (NES stance) added to the Konami page. I plan to improve it a bit more before I use it as a base for other versions of the outfit.

Mini-logos – Jedah was added to the Capcom section, Samus (NES style) was added to the Nintendo section and Trevor (Belmont) was added to the Konami section.

I’ve also done some horror and NES themed updates on Illmosis for the last few weeks with new art of Death and Medusa from Castlevania and the Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill.

What was going to be a Halloween update expanded when I found out about the 25th Anniversary of the NES. The easiest way to celebrate that is with some Castlevania-related stuff along with things related to my favorite NES games. Due to work-related things beyond my control, I’m splitting this update into two. Most of it drops today with what you see here. There will be a small update on Sunday to go along with the Illmosis art site update. Sunday’s update will have newness to the GFX Generators. Here’s what’s new today:

Game Index – The NES versions of Bionic Commando and Castlevania were added to the index. Bionic Commando’s entry has a few of my notes on certain things in the game including something that people keep citing as another localization mistake.

Custom Sprites – a scratch-made fighting game scale sprite of Death (Castlevania 1) was added to the Konami page. A smaller, better version of the scratch-made Mario sprite was added to the Nintendo page.

Sprites – A new Super Mario page starts with some sprites and lots of animations from Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Yes, just about every other site has Mario sprites but I had to make a few .GIFs for this place, too. New sprites and animations were added to the Bionic Commando (NES) and Castlevania (CV1) pages.

Fake Screens – New fake Famicom-style screenshot of the Richter vs. Dracula battle from Dracula X: Chi no Rondo and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Mini-logos – Medusa (Castlevania), Death (Castlevania).

That’s it for today. A bit more will be added on Halloween in two days.