October 3rd, 2013

This is another mini-update to keep the word out about the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero and River City Ransom: Underground Kickstarters that are in the final stretch. Shantae: HGH will be over on Friday and is working on stretch goals while RCR:U have 5 days of funding left but hasn’t hit its main goal yet. There are donation tiers that are basically full pre-orders, so please consider those if you’ve got the money to get those.

Graphic Generators
Vs. Maker & GroupShot: Alex and Ryan get new fighting-scale sprites based on the NES sprites, and the infamous Dragon Twins do as well. Shantae gets more outfits and palettes.
Fake Screenshot: Shantae (GBC) and Rick from Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graphiti were added.

Of course, congratulations to the Mighty No. 9 project for getting funded and hitting ALL of their stretch goal levels! It’s great to see creative people like Keiji Inafune, Manami Matsumae, Kimo Kimo, Tom Pon, and many others getting the praise they deserve and I can’t wait to play the game that they’ll make. The fans who love their work backed up that desire for more with deeds, not just by donating money, but by generating and spreading an infectious excitement that built enough momentum to raise $3,845,170. I know this sort of magic won’t happen for every game project, but I hope that we fans can continue to heed the call (no pun intended, maybe). Shantae: Half-Genie Hero and River City Ransom: Underground KS’s are still going, so please give if you can so that adorable half-genie girls and wide-eyed vigilantes can get their due, too.

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