July 23rd, 2010

I’m giving one last little booster shot to the update and then I’m going to get some long-needed rest:

Gfx Generators – Once again, just a few small additions:

GroupShot Scenes: TMNT: Turtles in Time – Vs. Stage (customized and partly redrawn. Still need to redo the fence and pipes), Dungeons & Dragons – SOM title screen, Golden Axe Vs. stage 01 (with arcade graphics), Vampire Hunter/Savior 2 – Deserted Chateau.

GroupShot Maker only: Ninja Commando, Baby Commando, Mummy Commando, Mad Gear thugs (Bred, Dug, Jake and Simmons in one char slot) and Jubilee

… and that’s it for now. The update schedule will return to it’s irregular-but-usually-every-two-weeks format. I have some line art and comic projects that I need to get back to but the spirit of the anniversary will continue all this year. Here are a few upcoming things:

Jake and Simmons: I’m currently working on the vests and you can see previews in both the GroupShot Maker and the 2010 Brawlstreet banner picture where Simmons is catching Adam’s elbow. Simmons will probably be first because I’m still working out how I’ll draw Jake’s beard.

Minus World: There are three of the old articles that still need to be redone and returned and two can easily be merged into one topic. One needs more artwork even though I’ve been drawing pictures of this for years and not really telling anyone.

Comic book/cartoon/toy update: Due to the spotty Time-Warner internet connection everyone in this area seems to be having, There’s no way I’m doing a giant update like I did this Monday until it gets fixed. I’ll probably make it a series of updates with lots of new geek genre additions.

That’s all for now. Have a good weekend and check out Illmosis on Sunday to see the whole picture from that new “Most Evil” MW article and progress sprites for Radd Spencer and Lord J.

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