July 21st, 2010

Back in the old days of the site, I’d update on Wednesdays because that was weekday that I had off from work. I’d either ride my bike or walk up to the library and upload the new pages and graphics from a bunch of 3.5 floppy disks. Updates happened on Wednesdays for years so I couldn’t let this anniversary week go by without a little update.

Graphic Generators – All characters with an * are are alt. palette enabled:

New chars w alt. palettes: Silver Samurai
GroupShot screen themes: SFA China (both versions), Samurai Showdown 3 – Shizumaru (bamboo forest)
GroupShot only chars: Electra (SoR/BK), Kunoichi (Ninja Warriors)*, Shiva (SoR/BK)*, Thomas *

Sprite Rips – Mrgrill247 has assembled and aligned a set of Maria Renard sprites from the PSP version of Castlevania: SOTN. Thanks again for the donation, kind sir.

Sprites – Mega Man’s sprite page somehow managed to get left out off of the sprite menu so I fixed that and threw in standing sprites of him in different mode colors from part 1 and 2. Again, you can find far more Mega Man sprites everywhere else on the internet but I was ripping them for reference and decided to add them to the site.

There will be one more update some time this week of unknown size including even more things being added to the Graphic Generators.

2 Responses to “10th Anniversary week – Wednesday”

  1. These updates are insane, you weren’t kidding when you said you had allot of new stuff. The new Graphic Generator is excellent. Kudos for all the time & effort spent! I never understood why Nintendo felt the need to alter Samus’s hair & look later on, it always seemed like they were apologizing for the original design. I kind of dug the green hair. Oh well.

    By the way- this is awesome:

  2. I’m glad you think updates are okay because I got a bit scared that it wasn’t enough. Most people won’t see it until the weekend so they’ll get an extra shock by seeing all the updates at once! I have one more update coming and then things will be a bit more calm on ScrollBoss again for a little while. I’ll be working on the Simmons and Jake sprite sets soon and I’ll save those for smaller updates. I’ll update the post in Lava Lit since they really seem to be the people who would get the most use from them.

    I always liked the purple outfit/brown hair color scheme the best but Zero Suit is pretty cool too.

    The full picture from Most Evil will be on the Illmosis site and it’s ScrollBoss gallery this weekend. I don’t like how some of the perspective turned out but I’m still showing it.