July 30th, 2010

Look, we all had fun last week except for the poor, dumb idiot who had to upload all that nonsense to the site over a connection that can barely make it through a whole YouTube music video. He did not have fun and I know this. Most of today’s update is the unfun stuff that I need to do to make the site better.

Game Index – Engine update includes listing multiple companies along with links to Company Index pages on the Game Index page. Capcom Classics Collection volume 2, Pocky & Rocky (SNES) added.

Company Index – Jaleco (who I thought I’d added already) and Natsume were added to the index.

Logos – Kiki Kai Kai (arcade), Pocky & Rocky (SNES), Spartan-X (arcade) added. A contributor by the name of Randomish sent logos for Spartan-X and Spartan X 2 (Famicom), Edono (S.Famicom), Nightmare Busters and the unfinished SNES Batman game by Software Creations.

Site work: I finally finished removing the gray gradient backgrounds from the last hundred or so 32 x 32 portraits seen in the Company, Game and S-File pages. You can’t tell in most places because I copied the gradient as a background pattern that appears behind those graphics on the page but it’ll be more obvious once I start using them in things that have unique backgrounds.

GroupShot – Unknown Soldier (MvsC edits made to look more like the in-game characters) and Dieter (Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Ran).

I won’t be able to make any big updates for a while. I, and many other people in this area, have been going through some internet connection problems since late June. They’ve been slowly getting worse to the point where I usually can’t watch a whole music video on YouTube without my connection dying at least once. I usually have to unplug and replug the power to the modem to get it to kick back on almost right away but the connection just stays out for a while every once in a while. I clocked my upload speed at midnight and it ranges between .20 and .12 Mbps, less than half of what I’m supposed to be getting. A few files randomly fall through the cracks every time I upload and I found this out the hard way during the July 19th update. I didn’t have any big updates planned right away but this also keeps me from uploading any large files and I’m pretty sure that no video uploads to YouTube will make it all the way through. Expect updates to be a bit light until this gets resolved.

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