August 6th, 2010

There isn’t much for this week. There was a bit more code improvement here and there

Graphic Generators This week’s update brings in the last stragglers from “X-Men: Children of the Atom” so the roster is complete now.
* = character has alternate palettes.
New Vs. and GroupShot characters: Omega Red*, Sentinel*, Spiral*
New GroupShot-only character: Solid Snake !

Sprites – Renegade (arcade) page added with at least one sprite per character. Alien Storm’s page gets the other set of palettes for the heroes’ standing sprites. The second player portrait for Avengers (Capcom) was finally added.

Game Index – Alien Storm (arcade), Avengers (arcade), Golden Axe (arcade) added. Golden Axe was also added to the 1989 game list.

Links – I added Super Sprites to the links section after reading my site reports and finding out that they link to me. Most of my website traffic reports are filled with hotlinkers (or attempted hotlinkers) on busy sites so it pushes the legit links right off the page. Send me a message if you want to trade links so I can link back to you.

I found two interesting links thanks to GameSetWatch:

the Asskickers, a new beat-em-up game in the works thanks to AGO Games.

IWADON: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki Tribute Album – this remix album in tribute to the Natsume composer includes tracks from Ninja Warriors Again, Pocky & Rocky, Wild Guns, Spanky’s Quest and more. I haven’t heard everything yet but the Stemage remake of the Ninja Warriors intro is COLD BLOODED.

Last, but not least, Rinry of RinryGameGame fame on reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube! Check out her Thank You video in this link. Keep up the good work!

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