December 17th, 2012

With this day being the 25th Anniversary of Rockman’s release in Japan, sites are celebrating everywhere, especially with release of the Street Fighter X Mega Man fan game. I was going to save this for the bigger update that’s on the way, but I can’t just let Mega Man’s birthday go uncelebrated here.

This is a new generator that uses some fixes and improvements I made to the main GFX Generator engine. A few things still don’t work 100%, but I think you can still have some fun with it.
Fake Screenshot

I’ll make more Mega Man-style edits these if people tell me that they like this generator. Let me know if you like this generator and want to see more Mega-edits! There’ll be more Mega Man-related things in the “1987” update that will hit the site next week.

edit (2012/12/17, 9:42 PM EST): Minor quick-fix to the resizer so that the smaller sprites aren’t shrunken to nothingness.

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