March 31st, 2023

Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 portraits: Andore/Hugo (Final Fight/SF), Captain Commando, Harley Quinn (DC Comics), Spider-Man (Marvel), Black Widow (Marvel Comics)

Four of these were requests that I already wanted to make, but for various reasons (I had a Hugo/Andore sketched years ago, but didn’t like it) didn’t get done until now. Harley Quinn is just one I just had an itch to make.

Seeing my custom portraits in fake screenshots is one thing, but did you ever wonder how they’d look in the game? Using a new rendering technique, I made a short video using some of the older portraits I made from scratch:

What’s that rendering technique? I’ll tell you at the end of this post.

GFX Generator: The engine itself got some minor fixes, including a fix to some reflection effects. Also
– a “ScrollTech pattern background (added by request) added to the main generator

– The new portraits were added to the GFX Generators, mainly the SFA3 generator

I use Anime Studio/Moho for most of my pixel art video renders, but as amazing as that program is even when I’m not tapping its full potential, it really isn’t built for pixel art. Asset coordinates and other values are floats (with decimals like 16.0281) instead of integers (just 16), making it difficult to align pixels. A few years ago it dawned on me that I already have a renderer that can perfectly align pixels: my own image generator. The new SFA3 portraits made me want to see them in action, and that pushed me to finally try to get this started. Converting some code I originally wrote to generate automatic preview shots and thumbnails for the generator options gave me a basic set-up that generates animation frames as a series of screenshots, and each shot is numbered so I can import it into a video editor (or even MOHO itself). Unfortunately I can’t share it on this real version of the site because it’d break other things for a lot of reasons. But it lets me set up clip templates like those SFA3 Vs. match-ups quickly and cleanly, so that’s another tool for future videos. Plus, code ideas I have for this can improve the image generators, so you’ll still get to benefit, too.

More portraits are on the way, so keep an eye out for them!

5 Responses to “Pre-April Fools’ 2023 – Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 portraits”

  1. Is that Baby Bonnie Hood? I’m probably way off, but that’s my best guess.

    If you don’t mind a random question, why is Strider Hiryu Dancin’ on the ceiling? I don’t remember him having any dance animations.

  2. Nope, but I’m glad anyone even cared enough to guess! I won’t be waiting a whole year to add the next portraits, so it won’t be that long of a wait.

    Hiryu’s there because he misses the anti-gravity sections of the arcade game. I don’t, but he did.

  3. I guess that is Tao (MaiLing) from Warzard …

  4. Site update coming next week, here’s a CRTView preview of the portrait I teased:

  5. Hmmm… Blonde hair, blue eyes and a red cap of some sort? I was close.

    And by close, I mean WAY, way off the mark.