August 9th, 2021

This Revenge of 1989 update, celebrating the year that many of this site’s favorite games were released, may not have a lot of new sprites, but it definitely has big sprites to make up for it!

Custom Sprites
Final Fight: Completely redone sprites of Mike Haggar, fight stance and hands on hips, in a hopefully better style added.
Golden Axe: Red Dragon, Blue Dragon (and Tyris Flare riding both) and Chicken Leg (edited from the 2018 Chicken Stinger sprite) added, along with adding sub-galleries for many characters

All new custom sprites were added to the GFX Image Generators!

Also updated

Sprites: Golden Axe gallery (GA1 arcade beasts, heroes on beasts and items)

Getting the new computer finished a few months ago made me want to experiment with different ways of making sprites, and the main new sprites were originally drawn in Clip Studio (instead of the pencil-paper-sometimes ink scans I usually make) before being shrunken to sprite size. Had to make adjustments to the ride/bizarrian Dragon after shrinking, but it’s pretty close:

I also wanted a better, unified set of sprites for Haggar for September’s Beat ‘Em Up Showcase (preview here), so I used Clip Studio trace my old sprites of him at 1000%.

I made changes after I shrank and made pixel art of the first two poses, along with drawing the head at pixel size, so I’ll bring those new sprites into the CS file, adjust the lines to fit the sprites for reference for future sprites, like Haggar’s arms up pose from the old Final Fight artwork.

I’ve done other experiments, but I’ll post about them later.

2 Responses to “The Revenge of 1989 – 2021 edition”

  1. Really digging those Bizzarians! Though for some reason, their separate gallery link isn’t working, for me. Still, the Tyris-riding sprites are pretty awesome, and I think they’re wasted being only in her separate gallery. Why not put them on the main GAxe page (your call of course, but just saying)?

    P.S. Did you by any chance rip Gillius ridng the Chicken Leg? Because that’s not with his sprites.

  2. Thanks, Eddie! I originally had the “Tyris on Dragon” sprites on the main gallery page, but I’ve been trying to make the galleries more compact so they don’t take too long to load (especially for mobile), which is also why I’ve been shifting more things to sub-galleries. The GA page is nowhere near as bad as the Marvel and DC pages, so maybe I’ll add the Tyris sprites back since you mentioned it. The separate Rides gallery works now and the arcade Gilius sprite is up now, thanks for the heads-up on these!