September 21st, 2019

Finally, a day when Batman gets more attention than other characters! I dropped some Batman-related sprites in the Revenge of 1989 update, but I’ve got a couple more AND a sprite that finally finishes a beat ’em up crew!

DC Comics: Improved the “Blue and Gray” sprites of Batman, added a Dick Grayson teen Robin
Ninja Baseball Bat Man – Roger finally steps up to the plate and completes the playable team!

These sprites have been added to the fighting game-scale GFX Generator and Batman now has extra palettes.

One more thing: here’s a quick little animation of Batman I was working on. Still rough (esp. the cape), but far enough to show where it is now:


Here’s a video from the excellent Superhero VG Channel about what things were like when the Batman 1989 hit:

2 Responses to “Happy Batman and Ninja Baseball Day 2019”

  1. Beanball Roger!!!

    Not only is it great to see the team assembled together, but you’ve done a fantastic sprite of him, in its own right.

    I know you know I’m a fan of these guys, so thanks so much :)

  2. Yeah, I had to see if you like how the last member of the team looked! Glad you approve and thanks for leaving a reply!