July 19th, 2018

18 years ago, I started this site with at the public library with Tripod’s free site builder, screenshots from the PC version of Sega’s Smash Pack (made on a friend’s computer, didn’t even have my own PC yet), and a bunch of tips and tricks I’d scrawled in a notebook. Seemed like it’d be a fun thing to do on the internet. Multiple hosting moves and weird ideas later.

The theme of today’s update is… every theme, including the lack of a theme. Characters from games, a few from comics, some 1989 icons (to rep the Revenge of 1989), an obvious crossover face-off (outside of Crossup Beatdown), a horror villain (before October’s DangerTerrorHorrorThon), an eighties cartoon character (before the usual Toy and Cartoon update near Christmas), a new original character for the site and the return of a character born in the long defunct Minus World section. It’s like a Whitman’s chocolate assortment of this site’s usual habits, so here’s the map that lets you avoid that one weird cream candy that makes you scrunch up in the face.

Custom Sprite additions
Bomberman: all-new Bomberman action pose
Final Fight: Cody (Street Fighter V stance)
Megaman: Bombman
Shinobi series: Joe Musashi (Revenge of Shinobi title screen)
Sonic the Hedgehog: Knuckles the Echidna (classic)
Konami: Cyber Ninja (Metal Gear Solid)
Toaplan: the Snow Bros. Nick & Tom
DC Comics: Harley Quinn
Marvel Comics: Beast and Hawkeye
Toys and ‘Toons: Cheetara of the Thundercats (1980s)
Horror: Pamela Voorhees new (and better) sprite
Illmosis/ScrollBoss: Endless Duck and Maddie Tenay (ScrollBoss mascot from the upcoming movie section)

All new sprites have been added to the main GFX Generator where you can make your own pics and fake screenshots! Other things added to the generators today:
– characters added: KoF Sports team added, Mojo (Marvel)
– characters updated: Mai Shiranui

While I’m at it, all prints on the site are on sale until the end of the month!

all 8 x 10/ 8.5 x 11 on the site are now $4!

11×17 inch prints are $8!

That’s the main part of the update. Some small preview additions to the Vs. Horror pt. 2 pixel print, an unfinished promo video and a thank you message are behind the cut. So, if you don’t read that, I’ll put an extra “Thank you” here to let you know that you’re appreciated!

I had mad fun at the Youngstown Comic Con this year, and a big part of that was getting to vibe with other horror heads. I had a test version of the upcoming Horror vs. Horror print to show ’em on my small digital tablet and they seem to like how the print looks so far, figuring out tiny select portraits that I didn’t think they’d get. Between that and 4-star goodness that was the Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder, I’m going to make another preview. I’m going to unlock the select boxes for everyone who was in that Last Drive-In marathon. Let’s check it out!

A couple of characters from the first print and a surprise new competitor who surprised someone at the convention, so she’s definitely earned her spot. More on this print in the coming months!

Here’s an early version of the Crossup Beatdown promo vid. I wasn’t going to show this after figuring I wouldn’t be able to get it 100% done, but, shrug, here it is (check the YT page itself for more details):

Finally, I’ve got to get something off my chest. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who came through to check out the site, especially if it’s your first time here. The kind words, visits, recommendations and links really make me smile, even when everything else has me in a crappy mood. It’s funny, because most of the stuff on this site here to bring a smile to your face, but quite a few of you flipped that back onto me, so this thanks isn’t empty.

Many of the things celebrated on this site (scrolling beat ’em ups, pixel art, old action and horror flicks, 80s cartoons and toy lines) still get dissed by a wide assortment of the usual suspects (yes, the “pixel tax” is still in effect for game reviews) for various reasons. Those people have the right to feel those opinions as well as express them, even if they’re trying to use social media-level emotional contagion to try and convince others that this stuff was never good and no one liked it or should have liked it. Personally, I disagree with those people on that point and, if you’re reading this, chances are that you disagree with them, too.

If you see these people on social media and disagree, please don’t attack them for it, because they feel as strongly about what they like as you feel for the things you enjoy. Instead of jumping on anyone else’s case for trying to slam the things you like or attacking their favorite things, do one of the last things they’d want you to do: show the world why you like those things they’d love to tear down. Not that you have to justify what you enjoy to anyone else, but find fun ways to display your appreciation for the wild, weird stuff that no one supposedly to like. You don’t have to be confrontational, angsty, or serious about it (and, really, some people are trying to trick you into being a jerk about it online to make your favorite things look bad). Don’t get mad, get even, and the best revenge is having fun. Maybe even consider starting a janky little website of your own on a free site service like some weirdo did 18 years ago today. Do that long enough and you’ll start to draw the right people around you who get down the same way you do and you’ll have even more fun. After all, you’re here reading this right? Right! And if I can do this, as messed up in the head as I am, you can do it, too. Take care and thank you for stopping by!

7 Responses to “18th Anniversary”

  1. Happy, Happy anniversary Prime!

    This site has definitely been a great source of smileyness for me over the years, so this is a heartfelt thankyou from a real fan of your work.

    Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  2. Thank you, Eddie! Without friends like you stopping by and leaving a few words, doing this site can feel like sending messages into outer space without expecting to get a response. Updates might be a bit light for a while as I work on a collaboration I can’t talk about yet, but I’ve got some fun plans for new content.

  3. It was a pleasure to follow this site so far and I hope it will stay as good as it is now. Only quality here.
    And you are one of the nicest persons around.
    Thank you for helping me with the commissions and let me know when you are available again.

  4. Thank for the kind words and it’s good to hear from you again! How are your projects going?

    It’ll be a long while before I’ll time to take commission work again (I’ll post about why once it’s official), but I’ll let you know when I can!

  5. I am still working on my projects, but my time is limited atm due to real life. Thanks for letting me know. Take care, man!

  6. wow I really like your horror characters advance I would like to see more the selection for what I see in a corner this peter rottentail
      on the other hand to norman bates
    I would like to see some boxes unlocked

  7. Thank you, Cristobal! I was hoping you would see this update since there was a horror character in it. There will be a small update this Thursday and you’ll see more of the horror print, including a small surprise. You’re definitely right about one of those squares, though! Here’s a preview I posted on Instagram and Twitter showing a few extra boxes, proving that everyone from the first print is in the new one: