March 27th, 2018

Most of what I’ve been working on lately isn’t ready to show yet, but you’ll get a preview later in the post. I still have some new things done for the site:

Info Center: more small additions, fixes and improvements were made here and there to the new items system
S-Files: new profiles for Akira, Gil, Glen and Mark from Karate Blazers
Vernacula-X: new separate pages for pro wrestler and power-up, new images for boss and ninja.

Custom Sprites:
Growl: new scratch-made sprites of the Rangers (Gen, Burn, Khan, Jack) and the Dolls.
Rolling Thunder: new scratch-made sprites of Albatross and Leila from Rolling Thunder 2

GFX Generators:
– Dan Hibiki: thanks to a site visitor who wanted Dan’s CvS sprites and told me that Kong’s rips fit the same size as other sprites, Dan has CvS sprites now!
– the Marvel Legends box now has the Spider-Man box style. It’s easy to get pics of the outside of the box, but I have to get and scan my own box inserts, and getting classic Beetle (yes, I know who the Beetle is) let me do that. I still need to get a classic Taskmaster Marvel Legend to do the new Avengers box, though.

Work on the sequel to the “Horror vs.” print (with Freddy vs. Jason) is on the way and here’s a preview:

Even if you saw the preview I posted on Twitter and Instagram a few days ago, this one has a few changes, including some changed characters. I’m still not 100% sure about the “roster,” but I’ll talk more about that at a later date.

I’ll be at the Youngstown Comic Con at the Covelli Center this year, but only on Sunday, July 8th (I’m still working part of the weekend at my day job). It’s mostly a comic convention, but you’ll be sure to find video games and game-related stuff there, too. I finally got Gauntlet IV for Genesis at last year’s con. I’ll have both line art and pixel art prints, along with sketch cards and mini-prints that I don’t have on the site yet. If you can make it to NE Ohio on July 7th and or 8th, please check out the Youngstown Comic Con!

6 Responses to “Growling Thunder”

  1. I wanted to know if you could add HAGANE from the movie UNHOLY WOMEN 2006
    and wanted to know if you saw cujo and finally Valac

  2. and finally to turkey thankskilling

  3. also to the puppet master

  4. Hi, Cristobal!

    Toulon’s puppets: yes. They will be small, but that will be part of the challenge.
    Thankskilling Turkey: maybe (it’s a fun movie)
    Valac/Valak and Hagane: I haven’t seen their movies yet (I’ve haven’t seen either Conjuring).
    Cujo: probably not.

    You will see one of those characters will be on the select screen for the Horror vs. 2 picture!

  5. I wanted to know if you have like a beta or some more advanced images of the first terror vs

  6. I’ve got some of the sketches I drew in pencil for it (including characters I didn’t use), and I should probably find and post those.