February 2nd, 2017

In honor of Double Dragon IV‘s release, today’s update is (almost) all Double Dragon! Don’t worry, the guest star will fit right in.

Double Dragon: Billy and Jimmy Lee (Super Double Dragon fight stance), Marian (D.D.1 outfit, D.D. Neo Geo stance), Abobo (classic, redone), Chin Taimei (NES outfit, redone), Abore (NES look).
– Technos: Renegade

Mini-Logos: Renegade added to Technos section.

All newness has been added to the GFX Generators, and so has a remake of the area outside the Dojo from Double Dragon III (NES). I also made adjustments to the engine that finally let me fix the X-Men Vs. screen name alignment for the second player.

Don’t worry, there will be more Double Dragon stuff hitting the site later this year, because you know I’ve got to celebrate the 30th anniversary year.

If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you might have seen me post about opening up some sprite commission slots last week. All four commission slots were taken before I could post in other places and it went so well (and I have so few work hours at the day job right now) that I’ve opened four commission slots again! Please see the details on the Illmosis site’s commissions page if you’re interested!

edit: removed the Twitch video as it was causing the page to act funky. Will replace A.S.A.P.

5 Responses to “Double Dragons get a dojo”

  1. Love the new DD stuff, especially that Dojo exterior! Is that the torn “SELL” poster (from arcade DD1) on the far right?

    Are the forums still up? I’ve been trying and trying to access them, but keep getting logged off.

  2. Thanks, Eddie! The original DDIII dojo exterior didn’t seem like the place from DDI, so I treated it like a new place. Those signs (and the window design) are from the DDIII NES intro (with some creative license) with Bimmy and Jimmy.

    The forums are still up, I’m not sure why they’ve been bugging out like that for you. I was just on there today and didn’t have any problems. Please let me know if it’s still bugging out and exactly what happens and I’ll check the Invision board to see what I can do.

  3. It just happened again. I entered my name and password like usual, received the “Please wait while we transfer you” message, then found myself back at the Log In screen, not logged in.

    This is what’s been happening for months. :(

  4. I’ve got a few more ideas about helping with your log-in on the board and sent you an e-mail.

  5. Unfortunately, I realised I left a crucial letter out!
    Could you please resend it to this address?