May 6th, 2015

He’s a magically-transforming career criminal who never changes his pants. She’s a former 98-pound weakling turned super-strong brickhouse with an outfit that’ll poke your eyes out. TOGETHER, THEY MAKE CRIMES.

Custom Sprites – Absorbing Man and Titania were added to the Marvel custom sprite gallery

Mini-Logos – Absorbing Man and Titania’s logos from comic covers have been added were added to the Marvel mini-logo page along wiht Thor’s original logo.

As always, the new items were added to the GFX Generators.

Here’s the earlier updates from the 2015 Avengers Assemble updates:
4.) Black Widow, Black Widow, Wonder Man and Wonderman
3.) Nebula
2.) Iron Man Mk.1 and 2, Moonstone
1.) Ultron, Thor, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man and many more

One last mini-update drops tomorrow!

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