May 1st, 2015

Avengers Assemble!

Captain America, Iron Man and Thor have been favorites of mine ever since I was a toddler watching a syndicated show that aired their old cartoons from the 1960s, so no one has to twist my arm to have an Avengers-themed update.

Marvel Comics: New scratch-made sprites of Ant-Man, the Black Widow, Thor, Ultron (80s), Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel (Danvers), the Red Skull, Wonder Man and the Wizard were added to the Marvel Custom Sprites gallery and the GFX Generators (Wizard is in the “Other Marvel villains” character slot there). The 16×16 font from Captain America and the Avengers (the one used in the big screenshot up there) was added to the 384×224 Variable group pic in the GFX Generators.

Wonder Man and the Wizard were the last sprites I needed to complete the cast of Data East’s “Captain America and the Avengers” beat ’em up cast. I even resprited the Red Skull to (hopefully) be better than that edit I made years ago. Don’t expect the tributes to that game to stop, because I’ll probably replace more of those characters’ sprites.

Mini-logos – Ultron and Wonder Man logos were added to the Marvel gallery.

Stay aware: there might be a small additional update this weekend.

Anyone in the mood for some 2-D avenging should check out the Avengers: United Battle Force game built on the OpenBoR engine. O Ilusionista crafted this mod with more Marvel goodness than you’d think was possible in a fan game.

I’ll be at setting up shop at All American Comics and Cards (Warren, OH) (directions here) this Saturday during Free Comic Book Day, so stop on by if you’re in the area! I’ll have prints for sale, including a few copies of that Horror pixel art pic, and I’ll probably be sketching line art for future sprites. I almost quit reading comics in the mid-90s for a bunch of reasons (more on that in a later update), but the All American Comics shop is a big reason why I hung in there. Give them a shot if you can make it to either the Warren or Boardman locations in Ohio!

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