May 3rd, 2015

… is not gold, but most of this mini-update is!

Brand new sprites of Iron Man’s Mk. 1 and Mk. 2 armors and Moonstone (original outfit) have been added to the Marvel custom sprite gallery and the GFX Generators, where the Iron Man armors use the same palettes as the classic Capcom sprites (I added an all-iron palette for that Mk. 1 armor). Moonstone also got a mini-logo.

There will be a few more Avengers mini-updates this week because I spent most of yesterday drawing line work for sprites in this update a few you’ll see in future updates. I was at All-American Comics in Warren, Ohio during the Free Comic Book Day event and I was concentrating so hard that I didn’t notice the news cameras filming a piece about the event

You can see me at the :35 second mark wearing a gray hat and my Minus World Skull shirt. Now you know who the guy is who randomly pops up on the Shop index page. I didn’t realize they were right there until the filming was over and the cameraman was getting ready to leave. Always remember that the pixel mines struggle is real and the concentration of a Shaolin monk is needed to survive the rugged conditions. You’ll see more fruits of my in-store labor throughout this week!

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