January 20th, 2015

I’ve been a big fan of the Flash since I was only a few pixels tall, so I’m having my own little celebration of the character’s 75th anniversary on both Illmosis and ScrollBoss. The Illmosis site has the new picture I’ve drawn of the Flash and this place is getting a bunch of sprites and a new animation. Everything in the post will be Flash-related either by name or by nature. Let’s hit the ground running with the newness!

Custom Sprites:
DC Comics: Flash Jay Garrick (two poses), Barry Allen (a new scratch-made run pose and an old running sprite made from Cyclops), the Reverse-Flash
Movies: Flash Gordon (1980s) and Grandmaster Flash (in Wild Style outfit)
Capcom: Flashman
Sega: Flashgal (all new sprites, three weapons)

– DC Comics: Flash (Flash Comics), Reverse-Flash
– movies: Flash Gordon (1980)

GFX Generators: All new items, logos and characters added to the GroupShot and VsMaker generators.

Now for the special part. This animation is a rough version of something I’ve made for a long-running (groan) idea, but it’s not a Flash sprite set. Everything in it was made from scratch, including that test background:

You’ll get more glimpses of it later this year.

2 Responses to “Fastest Week Alive, pt. 1: Gordon’s a SPRITE?”

  1. […] Not only was the Flash one of my first favorite characters back when I was a young’un, but it was also one of the few books to keep me reading comics back in hologram-bejeweled, stunt-encrusted 1990’s. Since this is the month that DC is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Flash (staring with Jay Garrick, the original) and this is the day that the Flash’s excellent live-action TV show returns with new eps, I’ll be celebrating the Flash all this week on Illmosis AND ScrollBoss. There will be an update there a bit later on today (check around 5 PM EST) The udpate with Flash-related (and semi-related) pixel art, including an animated .GIF are up now! […]

  2. Wow man, that flash anim is just AWESOME!