Another Super-update on the day that Man of Steel hits theaters! How’s that for half-buttocked synergy?


There are now so many “Superman – battle hover” sprites that I had to give them their own gallery. I added more Superman variants, including classic Earth-2, Superman Red, Superman Blue, ’90s hair (or mullet, if you want to hurt his feelings) and Atari 2600. I also added the Samaritan from Kurt Busiek’s Astro City (an excellent, highly-recommended comic that just started up again) and Apollo from the Authority. I also added an old Whizzer edit to the Squadron Supreme/Sinister group character. This update’s bonus super-character is Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Sonic form and that’s in the Sega gallery.

GFX Generators – An edited Superman stage from Justice League Task Force (SNES) was added to the background-choosing modes of the Vs. and GroupShot generators. Sonic the Hedgehog and Superman were updated with their new sprites (Supes also got some new palettes) while Apollo and Samaritan were added to imprint subsections of the DC area (even though Wildstorm isn’t separate anymore).

If you missed last week’s update, check that out for the earlier Superman sprites (even Sunsoft’s Sunman got into the mix) and other info.