January 11th, 2013

Anarchy Reigns, the insane 3-D brawler by the equally insane Platinum Games (Bayonetta, MadWorld), was released this week.

I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long, long time for reasons that you see above. Everything I’ve ever seen about this game looks insane and seems to be geared towards people who love game play. Platinum seems to be one of the last developers to still embrace no-holds-barred creativity in games and they deserve some love for that. I’ve heard nothing but good things from the friends who imported the Japanese version and I’ll be impatiently waiting for my copy. It’s only $30, so it won’t be a terrible hit to the wallet or purse.

Affiliate Amazon links: PS3 | X-Box 360

According to this Polygon article, Capcom Arcade Cabinet will be a series of digitally-downloaded (Playstation Store and X-Box Marketplace) faithful recreations (not emulated) of their earliest arcade games with all sorts of extra features. Players will be able to adjust things like the difficulty and even the hitboxes. For those who haven’t played the arcade versions of those early games in the Capcom Classic Collections, those early games can get notoriously cheap, especially Trojan. It begins with with the platformer, Black Tiger (a.k.a. Black Dragon) and more info is supposed to come out in February. I’m looking forward to seeing how far this program goes and if there will be any cool extras. The original Namco Museum series for the Playstation is still my favorite style of classic compilation and I wonder if these individual games could be a build-your-own Capcom Museum.

Like I said before, updates will be slow for a while as I work on the upcoming new sprite. Still, here’s a Tumblr post with a work progress GIF of the Marian sprite I made in the last 2012 update. I also had a post with the Abobo sprites with the work prog GIF and the sprites I used for reference.

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