June 4th, 2010

What? You guessed “The same damned thing you’ve been working on for the last few updates?” If so, then you are correct sir/madam/noun.

Vs. Maker – I’m not sure what caused the site to start getting PHP depreciation warnings between the time I updated last Wednesday and 4:32 as I type this but the main thing that got broken was the Vs. Maker. Well, that’s fixed now. I’m very, very sorry about it being broken for however long it was fubared but it’s back up and running.

Pal-enabled, new sprites, new palettes: Dan, Ken (CvS & SFA), Maki, Felicia
Pal-enabled, new palettes: Geese Howard, Solo (Strider)
New sprites, new palettes: Athena
New sprites: Cyclops
New palettes: Chun-Li (CvS)

Besides improving the Vs. Mode engine, I’m also breaking it down into smaller modules so I can also re-use the programming in future graphic generators. So while the updates may look weak in content amount, I’m working on new effects (sprite-based shadows) and getting ready to make whole new generators.

Site news – Two dates of significance are coming up in the next few months.
Next week: my birthday. There may or may not be an update next week.
July 19th: ScrollBoss’ 10th Anniversary. Expect new things to appear. Expect old things to disappear. Expect fun things. Expect surprises. That’s all I’m saying for now.

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