May 24th, 2010

Custom Sprites – Comic and MvsC style War Machine sprite edits were added to the Marvel page.

Vs. Maker – This is probably the biggest, chunkiest update since the alt. palettes first hit. I apologize for taking so long with the palette conversion work but many of them are truly pains-in-the-butt that take longer than you’d think. It takes even longer if I add a ‘smart palette’ to them for extra color combinations. A few characters, especially Captain Commando and Sodom, now have a ton of sprites to choose from.
Pal-enabled, new sprites, new palettes: Captain Commando, Colossus, Cody, Dr. Doom, E. Honda, Hulk, Mai, Sodom
Pal-enabled, new palettes: Damnd, Death Adder, Edi.E, Billy and Jimmy Lee (now one character), Rastan
New sprites: War Machine
Pal-swap enabled without new sprites or new color sets: Athena (CvS)

One Response to “More War Machine and Vs. Maker”

  1. I really want to see War Machine’s all sprites.