May 18th, 2010

Hey, it’s a rare Wednesday update just like the old days! Here’s what’s new:

Custom Sprite PacksDug (Final Fight) is now available in Alpha/Vs. sprite style and Bred was updated because I accidentally had the misaligned punch animation in there. If you downloaded it before, please download it again to get your proper punch action. I made another horrible video to show both drone sprite sets in action:

Vs. Maker – Cyclops and Rolento got alternate palettes and new sprites while Karnov, Ms. Marvel and Ryu Hayabusa just got alternate palettes.

This week’s special link is to 8-Bit Monkeys (MySpace account) where you can see some sprites brought into the real world using microbeads. You’ll see a lot of 8-bit examples there but you’ll also see some work with more colors in it. Keep an eye on the page because there’s more great work on the way!

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