September 3rd, 2021

Happy Birthday to Mike Haggar, Mayor of Earth (formerly Metro City)!

I’ve redone the “raised fists” pose sprite (based on the official art from the first game) in the new style of the two Haggar sprites I added in August and added it to the sprite gallery and image generator! I still need to make some adjustments to all of them, and that’s when Haggar’s optional palettes will return in the image generator.

You’ll see more of the mayor, his friends and more belt scroll legend later this month, because the Beat ‘Em Up Showcade is still on the way!

Expect some all new sprites along with some more do-overs:

So, until then, be good, because Haggar is watching you…

4 Responses to “Mike Haggar’s Birthday, 2021”

  1. Good job with Haggar ! Love what you did with him. Congrats.

  2. Thank you! People seem to like this set of Haggar sprites, so I’ll be adding more to it in the same style. The Beat ‘Em Up update has him in his Slam Masters gear for the fight stance and I’ll add more looks over time. Sorry for the late reply.


    Do you know this character???

  4. Yes, and she’s one of those characters I didn’t know anyone would want to see redone, so she’s definitely on the to-sprite list now. Thanks!
    BTW: A different Denjin Makai character will show up in one of the horror-themed updates this month (I just scanned the linework I drew for it).