May 1st, 2020

I can’t believe it. I’ve already bought it through Steam, installed it, and I just STILL don’t believe it. But it happened: Streets of Rage 4 is real and available now. I’m going to spend part of my weekend playing it (and Treachery in Beatdown City, which I still need to play through). Here’s the site update:

Custom sprites: Streets of Rage: New sprites: ‘Skate’ Eddie Hunter (new sprites to replace the scratch-made ones done in 2011), Roo/Victy, Antonio, Bongo (SoR1), Abadede (my 2017 sprite edited to have SoR1 gear), and the Streets of Rage cop. This finishes two things: the ENTIRE player and enemy list of Streets of Rage and all playable characters from the first 3 games.

edit: 11:25 AM EST: Roo somehow hopped out of sprite folder while uploading files, but has returned safely to the gallery page (thanks for the alert, EddieMountaingoat!) I forgot Antonio’s tiny glasses, but they’re there now (thanks to spriter @Zabuyaki for the heads’up on Twitter). I also updated SoR custom gallery’s 200 x 100 pic with all the playable heroes from 1 through 3.

All sprites have been added to the main GFX Image Generators, along with that SoR 1 Pine Pot background I teased some time last year. Why’d I wait so long to put the background out there? Because I wanted to show it in the Streets of Rage 1 Sprite Showcase first!

Long story short, I decided to start doing single game Showcases for a while and save the Showcade title for special episodes with more than one game (like last year’s episode 000). My current Showcase plan is to alternate between posting one all-new showcase (which I just did), then post an updated version of a showcase from episode 000 (which had Golden Axe, Final Fight, and Castlevania).

edit 2020/05/04: the following things have been added:
– Sprites: police car sprites added to SoR 1, Victy and 48x48p portraits added to SoR 3

– GFX Generators: the main GFX Image Generator now has the SoR3 cinema look added to the MvC ending, and the SoR 3 16×16 font (used in the “Group 384×224 w/ writing” screenstyle in the main generator) now has added palettes and the SoR3 8×16 font was added.

2 Responses to “Back to the Streets of Rage”

  1. Roo was my favorite SOR3 unlockable to play as, so it’s great to see him in fighter-scale, good job! (I also found it fun to put him alongside the Mama Kangaroo, from Sunsoft!)

    [I hope it’s just my computer, but he’s not showing up on the SOR custom sprite page.]

    And on a serious note, THANK YOU for the work you do, as an essential worker. You guys are the unsung heroes in the battle against corona, and you really don’t get enough acknowledgment.

  2. Hey, Eddie! It’s good to know I’m not the only one thinking of teaming Sunsoft’s Mama Kangaroo and Roo/Victy together! That sprite seemed to slip away when I was uploading things earlier, but it’s up now, along with some other fixes and an updated corner graphic. Thanks for letting me know!

    I’m not on the front lines like nurses, doctors and hospital cleaners, and not in harm’s way anywhere near as much as a lot of industries that aren’t even trying to protect their workers. They’re the ones who deserve the thanks, well wishes and prayers. The maintenance account I’m doing now is for a factory that’s essential and the extra work is making me more tired and stressed than usual. It could be MUCH worse, though. I hope you’re safe and able to shelter in place securely!