December 6th, 2011

GFX Generators – I added a few new backgrounds to the 384×224 scene styles and added an early fix for the text feature to prevent certain symbols from gumming up the works.

Character Updates:
SNK – Duck King and Eiji Kisaragi added. Kim Kaphwan gets some KoF 2000 sprites added.
Toys ‘n Toons – Baroness (separate from Cobra character, new sprites & SFA 3 items. Storm Shadow gets a new SFA3 Vs. Name Graphic.
Illmosis – Passion Tanaka (with mini-logo) added.

Rich Girls Laughin' title=

Custom Sprites: Passion Tanaka was added to the PrimeOp gallery page and more Baroness sprites were added to the G.I.JOE page. Speaking of Baroness sprites…

Custom Sprite Downloads – I added the VERY incomplete Baroness sprite set from the long-dead project. I also added some of the sprites from this project to the G.I.JOE Custom Sprite Page and now has her own character slot in the GFX image Generators.

There will be another small update soon to make up for having to rush this one out.

BTW: Elevator Action Deluxe fans, don’t forget that the free DLC Time Gal character is now available along with Sayo-Chan and an extra level.

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