September 27th, 2018

The Beat ‘Em Up genre is really proving its naysayers wrong this year. As someone running a fan site in honor of those games for almost 20 years, I thought this would be the perfect time to gloat celebrate this new wave of appreciate of digital side-scrolling brawlers. This site has seen beat ’em up-themed updates over the years, but I think I need to do more to rep the genre, so expect to see more updates like this in the future. Today’s newness is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Data East’s Bad Dudes, but you’ll find a 90’s brawler in her newest outfit, a character from a new beat ’em up, some superheroes, and some characters from Capcom’s Beat ‘Em Up Bundle!

Custom Sprite gallery updates:
Bad Dudes: Blade and Striker (fight stance), Dragonninja, Mini, Kunoichi (finally got a good standing sprite!)
Captain Commando (new separate gallery): Ninja Commando and Brenda & Carol
Other Games (independent): Nikki Rage from Raging Justice
Streets of Rage: Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage 4)
Marvel Comics: Spider-Man and Namor (both scratch-made and in their Spider-Man: the Video Game fight stances)

Reminder that the new Horror print is now in the shop!

Kickstarter alert: Bushinden: a combat platformer with beautiful pixel art!

Arcade Quartermaster just added three new shrines: Taito’s PU-LI-RU-LA, Data East’s WIZARD FIRE, and Athena’s CASTLE OF DRAGON!

One Response to “Beat ‘Em Update: Bad Dudes 30th Anniversary and more”

  1. Man, maybe it’s because i’m always busy in real life but this probably it’s the first time i write in your site. Albeit having passed in the years to check, out of curiosity, what else your skills gave birth. I’m always impressed with your talent, you’re great!
    And, being also in the mugen world, i was well surprised from your custom final fight sprite pack at that time. And i saw someone using it for some bonus stage time ago. You always provide video games fans like us some surprise. Or with your new masterpieces or giving us some nostalgy time with some old titles we almost forgot. Thanks for all.
    really, thank you for all you did ’til now

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