April 13th, 2018

I planned to have a small update this week, but I’ve got some line art to make for someone. Still, I figured this would be the perfect day to show a preview from the next Vs. Horror print. No surprises here…

The sprites in this print will have a slightly different shading style and won’t stick so closely to the 16-color limit of older sprites. Don’t expect to see those exact sprites added to the sprite galleries or generators, at least not for a long time after the print debuts.

Do expect to see an update with things being added to the galleries and image generators next week, though. Hold tight until then!

3 Responses to “Horror vs. :pt. 2 sprite preview 1: Jason”

  1. […] be the sequel to the “Horror vs.” pixel art print and you can find a preview of it in this ScrollBoss post. That probably won’t be ready in time for the Youngstown Comic Con, because I’ll need […]

  2. Your skill is nothing short of mind-blowing, my friend. How I wish I could sprite to the extent of you, Batzarro (Infinity Mugen Team) and Ink (Mugen Guild forum). Seeing all these beat em’ up, comic and horror icons displayed in this fashion brings tears of joy to my eyes. ^_^

  3. Thank you, Mature4evr, and it’s always good to see someone I know from the classic days of the message boards! There’s still something really fun about spriting these characters in the same format, like having them all the same toy scale. All of us out there doing this will probably have a good chunk of whole fictional universes complete at some point!